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July 15, 2014

Meteor: Links And Resources (2)

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Meteor – YouTube

An Introduction to Meteor | Stephen Walther



javascript – Questions Meteor about changing view and putting array in collection – Stack Overflow

Run Meteor Apps Anywhere with Demeteorizer

Hosting a Meteor App on Nodejitsu | Proper

Setting Up Tests w/ Meteor | Proper

Simple Routing in Meteor | Proper


javascript – How do I create multi-page applications with Meteor? – Stack Overflow

Advanced Routing in Meteor: Navigation State w/ Handlebars Helpers and Route Functions | Proper

meteor – How to install atmosphere packages without meteorite? – Stack Overflow

python – How do I access Meteor’s mongodb from another client, while meteor is running? – Stack Overflow

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July 14, 2014

Node.Js: Links, News And Resources (23)

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More links from my collection. More updated links at

V8 javascript VM and Node.js memory management options | O sNAp

meetup-api is an API library written in JavaScript for Node.js

Synchronizing HTML5 Slides with Nodejs – Bocoup

Kinect in Node

Chrome Apps Office Hours: NodeJS in Chrome packaged apps – YouTube

Express.js by Dan Zajdband – Comunidad Nodejs Argentina – YouTube

Empezando con node.js « Working Software

Smith is an RPC agent system for Node.JS used in vfs

SenchaCon 2010: Server-side JavaScript with Node, Connect & Express on Vimeo

RFC-6455 WebSocket implementation for Node.js

message-oriented socket library for node.js heavily inspired by zeromq


Android framework for node.js applications

Creating a REST API using Node.js, Express, and MongoDB

.:ceiboo:. – software development

This is the client for Engine, the implementation of transport-based cross-browser/cross-device bi-directional communication layer for Socket.IO.

Run HTTP over UDP with Node.js for P2P and Peer Web

A generic static site generator built using flatiron, plates, and marked

Node based static site generators – Boris Mann

PageDown – pagedown – A JavaScript Markdown converter and editor – Google Project Hosting

Micro Templates Are Dead… forget about – scaling node.js applications one callback at a time.

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July 12, 2014

Node.Js: Links, News And Resources (22)

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More links from my collection. More updated links at

javascript – Do you know any tutorial for mongoDB in nodeJS? – Stack Overflow

Sample application built with Backbone.js, Twitter Bootstrap, Node.js, Express, MongoDB

Node.js, Express, Stylus, MongoDB example

Node.js module for grafting a middleware pipeline over a target function

NodeJS html parser npm package using the parser library from the netsurf web browser — it’s fast and accurate

OData query string parser for node.js

theLIFT – A Digital Innovation Group

Express.js by Dan Zajdband – Comunidad Nodejs Argentina – YouTube

Websockets y Node.js en las nubes – MedellínJS (Medellín) – Meetup

NPM shrinkwrap
Lock down dependency versions

Class Diagram of Node.js
This shows the class structure of Node.js at a glance. This covers most of classes in the node manual but has a few exceptions

Bifocals by Dashron
A node.js View library with support for asynchronous sub-views (aka partials) and interchangeable rendering systems.

Node.js, Express, Mongoose demo

Node.js & WebSocket – Simple chat tutorial

Node.js Application using

url routing – Organize routes in Node.js – Stack Overflow

node.js – Using routes in Express-js – Stack Overflow

Node.js: A Todo App with Express | Blog :: The JavaScript Playground

Express.js Tutorial

Creating a basic site with node.js and Express – shapeshed

Getting Started with Express – How To Node – NodeJS

Seattle Node.js (Seattle, WA) – Meetup

Episode 12 – Isaac Schlueter –
The man behind NPM and now the newly annointed leader of Node.js, Isaac Schlueter, stops by for a quick chat.

How to Write Portable Node.js Code – Node.js on Windows Azure

Salesforce API Connection Library for Node.js Applications

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July 11, 2014

Node.Js: Links, News And Resources (21)

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Some old but interesting links below. More updated list at

nodeGame client for the browser and node.js

Useful Node.js Tools, Tutorials And Resources | Smashing Coding

Charla sobre Express.js + Hacking sobre los proyectos propuestos – Node.JS Argentina (Buenos Aires) – Meetup

Node-viewmodel is a node.js module for multiple databases. It can be very useful if you work with (d)ddd, cqrs, eventdenormalizer, host, etc.

MariaDB non-blocking client API and node.js « The MariaDB Blog

Stream a webcam using Javascript, NodeJS, Android, Opera Mobile, Web Sockets and HTML5 | Francis Shanahan[.com]

Node version management

Tom Dale – Google+ – yeah it’s kinda tough when you have 250+ OSS projects,…

Overview of Derby.js and Meteor.js (for 7/10 NoVa Node.js Meetup)

Scripted: A JavaScript editor from VMware | SpringSource Team Blog

Erik Källén – Writing node.js applications in C#


Instalación de Stylus, Jade, Coffee Script en Windows con NodeJS (Parte I) – Pipes Output – Openness@Microsoft – Site Home – TechNet Blogs

Cluster Computing with Node.js | Architects Zone

SprintStack gives developers a node-compatible environment with all the benefits of the JVM

NodeCellar: Sample Application with Backbone.js, Twitter Bootstrap, Node.js, Express, and MongoDB

Web-scale Arduino | John Graham-Cumming
There are a number of projects that allow one to control an Arduino using node.js

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July 10, 2014

End Of Iteration 2014w27

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Code Generation with AjGenesisNode

I updated and published new versions of my projects:

Now, there are new functions to manage the model directory in AjGenesis. That directory contains the JSON files that represent the model, ie entities, project settings, db settings, etc. It resides in “./ajgenesis/models”.

The code generation for Sinatra and Express was improved. Instead of create a project and then, generate a “build” subdirectory in project directory, now the code generation acts over the current project directory. This way is more straighforward, and more aligned with other projects that generates code: there is no “build” subdirectory.

I added the preserve of code regions by name. If a generated file has a code region delimited with special text, that region is preserved even when the file is regenerated.


My Dylan language interpreted in C#

I added more binary operations. I should add type support, but in the current use cases, the untyped evaluation is OK.


My Mule-like simple service bus in C#

I added message transformers, message processors, instead of play payload transformers and processors. And I added a Router object. So, the implementation has/will have:

- Lambdas that operates on payload (processors, transformers, outputs, routers)
- Lambdas that operatos on message (processors, transformers, outputs, routers)
- Objects that operates on payload (processors, transformers, outputs, routers)
- Objects that operates on messages (processors, transformers, outputs, routers)

A payload is an untyped object. A message has a payload and additional properties (by name/value).

JavaScript Samples

I wrote my first AngularJS samples

Dynamic Site in Express 4

Based on JSON definitions

I added the support of to load JSON files that have references to other JSON files. The site is a prototype based on pages defined in JSON files. So you can easy change the JSON data to alter the prototyped site. Next steps: add lists based on MongoDB collections, with views. Then, code generation for differents targets (Express 4? Laravel?)


I changed with minor improvements. I also worked on three non-public projects. More fun is coming.

Stay tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez

July 8, 2014

New Month’s Resolutions: July 2014

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A new month started, time to review my June 2014 resolutions, and write new ones:

- Continue AjErl [pending]
- Continue ScalaSharp [complete] repo 
- Continue SharpGo [complete] repo
- Variable scope in Mass Language [complete] repo
- Start SimpleItems [pending]
- Continue SimpleApps [partial] repo
- Continue ClojSharp [pending]
- Continue DictSharp [pending]
- First AjErl distributed use case [pending]
- First Aktores distributed use case [pending]
- Write C# Posts [complete] Spanish Posts
- Write TDD Post [complete] Spanish post
- Improve my personal site code [complete]

Additionally, I worked on:

- Create and publish first version SimpleCurry, functional programming helpers in JavaScript [complete]  repo
- Create and publish first version LoadJsons, load JSON model from many files, in JavaScript/Node [complete]  repo
- Create a Dynamic Site in Express 4, defined by JSON [complete]  repo
- Generate Express 4 code using AjGenesisNode [complete]  repo
- Generate Sinatra code using AjGenesisNode [complete]  repo
- Improve AjGenesisNode, AjGenesisNode-Model, AjGenesisNode-Entity [complete]  repo repo repo
- Continue DylanSharp [complete]  repo
- Create SharpBus, Mule-like simple bus in C# [complete]  repo

These are my resolutions for July 2014:

- Improve AjGenesisNode code generation for Express
- Improve AjGenesisNode code generation for Sinatra
- First AjGenesisNode code generation for Laraval
- Module loading, export review in Mass Language
- Continue with SharpBus
- Continue with Dynamic Site
- Give a talk about Node.js/Express
- Improve my personal site code
- Write TDD Post
- Write C# Posts
- Distributed use using Aktores
- Review, refactor and continue RustScript implementation

More fun is coming.

Stay tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez

July 5, 2014

Node.Js: Links, News And Resources (20)

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Using node.js To Show Our jQuery Chart in Older Browsers – Engineering – Blog

Meet The Nashorn Development Team BOF — insin-notes 1 documentation

Nashorn, Node.jar and Java Persistence BOF — insin-notes 1 documentation

Node.js and part 1 Building a HTML5 game part 6 – YouTube

Node.js and part 3 Building a HTML5 game part 8 – YouTube

Node.js and part 2 Building a HTML5 game part 7 – YouTube

NodeCamp Socket.IO Workshop with Guillermo Rauch – YouTube

BogotaJS: Guillermo Rauch – Socket.IO / Engine.IO – YouTube

Videos in “Creation Platform” on Vimeo

JavaScript, Node.js, and the Flying Wedge Anti-Pattern | TechnoSophos

Event Emitter, Pub Sub or Deferred Promises … which should you choose?


Converting a C library to gyp —

TypeScript and node.js – nodejs | Google Groups

Welcome to TypeScript


Bert Belder – LibUV at LXJS 2012

node workshop

DailyJS: The Truth About Event Loops

Nodejs vs Play for Front-End Apps

Node.js for PHP Programmers #1: Event-driven programming… and Pasta. – Do the Web



How to setup Stripe payments with node.js – good coders code, great reuse

mafintosh/tetris · GitHub

All Photos – Node.JS Argentina (Buenos Aires) – Meetup

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Angel “Java” Lopez

July 2, 2014

End Of Iteration 2014w26

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Express Samples

I created the first version of

A dynamic site, using Express 4, EJS, and JSON file as site/pages definition format. Actually, only title and text are supported, but the idea is to define each site/subsite/page in JSON files. I will add list support (ie, tables with data) to be saved in MongoDB, and views (list rendered as tables/forms in HTML).


To support the load of JSON model from MANY files (to be used in the above DynSite4), I started:

A JSON file can refer to another one, and this small library load the full model from both.


My Dylan language interpreter in C#

I added the parse of simple expressions. I should add the type check of the expression. Maybe I will switch to many-phase parse: firts, build the AST (Abstract Syntax Tree), then check type, then generate expressions to be evaluated.


I updated the Node.js module

Now, it uses ./ajgenesis/models as local directory to load and save model.


I applied minor changes to (internal refactor), (fixing source analysis), (adding partial application). I worked on four non-public projects, too. More fun is coming.

Stay tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez

June 27, 2014

End Of Iteration 2014w25

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Code Generation with AjGenesis

I published a new version of

My code generation tool, based on Node.js. Now, it can preserve files in generate tasks (if you want one of your files doesn’t overwritten). But the key change was to put models under current project directory, ajgenesis/models folder. In this way, I can put all the AjGenesis-related stuff in only one directory related to current project. So, I refactored and republished the modules and examples of:

Next steps: refactor to use the new directory, and refactor/complete the generation process in Express, Sinatra, Laravel, Django projects.


I worked on

implemented a simplified Mule-like message flow in C#, using TDD (Test-Driven Development). Now I have: input, output, transform, processors, routers, branches in flow. It was nice to see all in place, using “baby steps”, and the powerful lambdas of C#. I implemented transformer objects too. Next steps: instead of simply process a payload, start to process a complete message.


After attending a JavaScript meetup at Buenos Aires, I wrote a simple JavaScript curryfing function library:

Since then, I started to add some additional pieces, like partial application, and composition of functions.


Thanks to @fabiomaulo, I met state machine implementations in C#. So, I wrote my own version in JavaScript:

It has a fluent interface to define states, with triggers and actions. Next steps: add global triggers, and hierarchical states.


I added some functions to core and REPL. I worked on four private projects, too. More fun is comming.

Stay tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez

June 11, 2014

End Of Iteration 2014w23

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My Go programming language interpreter in C#:

There are new nodes supported in parser. There are simple ones, but now the parser has a better coverage in order to implement simple use case. Next step: add some type checking, and generate commands and expression from parsed tree. I could generate commands and expression without type checking, as in an untyped interpreter. Or I could add type checking and generate the typed expression. In the first case, an add expression sums two objects. In the second case, an add expression sums two integers, or one integer and a float, or etc… In both cases, TDD helps me to implement the feature step by step.

PHP Samples and Laravel Code Generation

My scripts at:

I improved a bit my Laravel sample, using layouts, and now, Bootstrap for style. Laravel is a simple web framework, that I want to use in AjGenesis code generation for PHP. So, I updated:

too, to generate a seed site. Next steps: generate the Laravel model, migration, controllers from entity free model.


I added a simple figure to (a rectangle). So the API is in good shape, I published version 0.0.1 of I added some nodes to parser in I worked on two non-public projects, too. I started a sample accesing database, using Express version 4, at

Stay tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez

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