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March 10, 2013

TDD: Links, News And Resources (8)

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Towards a Theory of Test-Driven Development | Java Code Geeks

jrcryer/phpunit-watchr · GitHub
Simple node app to watch a directory and run phpunit tests

Investing in your tests–A lesson in object composition | Josh Arnold’s Blog

The No Mocks Book « Arlo Being Bloody Stupid

James Shore: Blog: Lets-Play

Continuous Delivery with Maven and Go into Maven Central « Esko Luontola – Random Thoughts

Let’s Code « ORFJackal.NjET

On Being A Journeyman Software Developer: Roman Numerals Kata with Commentary

jaycfields/expectations · GitHub

SUnit Explained


Camp Smalltalk SUnit – Manual

What are the most widely used .NET practices and tools?

Test your JavaScript skills with js-assessment | Hey, designer!

TDD for legacy code, graphics code, and legacy graphics code?

c++ – Is it possibile to use TDD with image processing algorithms? – Stack Overflow

Backwards Is Forward: Making Better Games with Test-Driven Development | Games from Within

midje – ClojureSphere


Classic TDD or “London School”? – Software People Inspiring

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February 21, 2013

CQRS: Links, News And Resources (6)

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Lokad.CQRS Event Store is Slow – Journal – CQRS and Cloud Computing

CQRS: Command/Query Responsibility Segregation

Basic tutorial on Event Sourcing and CQRS « Code Snippets

CQRS Architecture and Definitions – Journal – CQRS and Cloud Computing


CQRS-FAQ – home

Using commands · sharparchitecture/Sharp-Architecture-Cookbook Wiki

gregoryyoung/m-r · GitHub
CQRS Example

ToJans/mauritius · GitHub
CQRS Example

mem-memov/blackboard · GitHub
Online blackboard

Doodle: VAN: CQRS Journey

CQRS Journey

Event Store – An awesome, rock-solid, super-fast persistence engine for event-sourced applications


Aggregate Root holding reference to another Aggregate, how do i set up the dependencies ? – Google Groups!topic/dddcqrs/TQBTn-tIj-w/discussion

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Angel “Java” Lopez

February 19, 2013

CQRS: Links, News And Resources (5)

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04×02 [Screencast] CQRS con Andrea Magnorsky (aka roundcrisis)

CQRS Around the World

CQRS Pocket Guide

CQRS Case Studies
Sample code for IDDD Book by Vaughn Vernon

CQRS Mind Map

UI Composition Techniques for Correct Service Boundires

How we got rid of the database–part 4
This is the fourth episode of a series of posts about how we do CQRS and event sourcing

Sample CQRS implementation in Java

CQRS in DDD Community

Announcing V1 Pseudo-Production Release
As part of our CQRS Journey we plan to have several pseudo-production releases of the Contoso Conference Management System so that we can explore the real-world issues of data-versioning and software updates in an application that implements the CQRS pattern in several bounded contexts.

debasishg / cqrs-akka
An implementation of CQRS using scalaz for functional domain models and Akka for event sourcing

CQRS with Akka actors and functional domain models


Project “a CQRS Journey”
There will be two, closely related, deliverables from this project: the source code for a complete, working reference implementation (an end-to-end sample app) that illustrates the key concepts, patterns, and approaches related to CQRS & ES, and a written guide to accompany the code, provide explanations, context, and references to other relevant material.

mspnp / cqrs-journey-code
Microsoft patterns & pratices CQRS Journey sample application
Microsoft’s CQRS Journey project to take community contributions

Focus for next iterations in Lokad.CQRS Sample Project

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February 7, 2013

CQRS: Links, News And Resources (4)

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Let’s Scale Out CQRS Sample Project
CQRS Videos

SzymonPobiega / DDDSample.Net
A .NET implementation of Domain Driven Design (DDD) sample application based on Eric Evans’ examples included in his great book. Project is intended to be used in training, demonstration and experiments.

Bringing an MVC perspective to CQRS.
This article makes the point that the MVC and CQRS patterns are very similar. My hope is that with this “new” understating new development tools bringing the two patterns together can be developed to facilitate our programmers lives.

KABA-CCEAC / nodeEventStore
EventStore Implementation in node.js

Why Event Sourcing?
Event Sourcing is a concept that becomes increasingly popular day by day. Even ThoughtWorks has brought it into it’s latest Technology Radar. Let’s do a quick overview of ES one more time.

Why use Event Sourcing?

Autofac decorators look like a perfect fit for CQRS commands!topic/dddcqrs/JQtV_X8R0ro/discussion
Thinking Asynchronous – Domain Modeling using Akka Transactors – Part 1

Thoughts on Event Streams in Elastic Environments

CQRS: Sagas with Event Sourcing (Part II of II)


CQRS Command Testing With PHPSpec

Towards an immutable domain model – introduction (part 1)

ToJans / MinimalisticCQRS
CQRS for the lazy *ss

Aclarando CQRS (traducción)

p&p roadmap for the next few months

CQRS without the plumbing – Example app

ToJans / Scritchy
CQRS without plumbing

Scritchy BankAccount part 1 – CQRS without the plumbing

Episode 9: When To Avoid CQRS—Clarified

gregoryyoung / m-r
Simple CQRS example

CQRS Documents by Greg Young

CQRS is too complicated

Command-Query Separation on Windows Azure

Using and Abusing the CQRS EventStore

Thoughts around REST, DDD, and CQRS: Models, Queries, and Commands!topic/the-design-of-distributed-applications/8ilexg74fHc

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December 3, 2012

New Month’s Resolutions: December 2012

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The last month of the year! Time to write my new month’s resolutions. First, let’s review the past month ones:

- Work on PythonSharp [complete] see repo
- Give a talk about Implementing Python at PyCon 2012 (Argentina) [complete] see Spanish post
- Work on AjTalk for Java [pending]
- Work on AjTalk for Javascript [pending]
- Work on BasicScript (I want to use it in an example for my GameServer project) [partial] only demos
- Start .md pages Java tutorial (Spanish) [partial] only browsing/classifying my existing tutorial
- Start .md pages Node.js tutorial [pending]

Instead of AjTalk for Java or Javascript, I was working a lot on my C# version

- Work on AjTalk for C# [complete] see repo

I will gave one-day Node.js course and one poscast, then, these are my new resolutions:

- Work on PythonSharp
- Work on AjTalk for C#
- Give a Node.js course
- Start .md pages Java tutorial

I hope to write posts about the new AjTalk C# features and examples (load/save image, a web server, traits, tests with assert, environments, etc…)

Keep tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez


November 6, 2012

New Month’s Resolutions: November 2012

Review of my past month’s resolutions:

- Give a talk about programming languages in Javascript [complete] see video (Spanish)
- Give a talk about Node.js/ realtime web applications[complete] see post (Spanish)
- Work on PythonSharp [complete] see repo
- Work on AjTalk for Java [pending]
- Work on AjConsorSite [partial] only demo and meetings
- Work on GameServer [partial] only demo and meetings

Additionally, I worked on:

- My Node samples [complete] see repo
- Cellular automata (Javascript/Node.js) [complete] see repo
- Minor improvements in AjTalkJs and AjLispJs
- Started my Basic Script (for Javascript/Node.js) [complete] see repo
- Started my port of AjGroups (finite groups) to Javascript/Node.js
[complete] see repo

For this new month:

- Work on PythonSharp
- Give a talk about Implementing Python at PyCon 2012 (Argentina)
- Work on AjTalk for Java
- Work on AjTalk for Javascript
- Work on BasicScript (I want to use it in an example for my GameServer project)
- Start .md pages Java tutorial (Spanish)
- Start .md pages Node.js tutorial

Keep tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez

October 20, 2012

TDD: Links, News And Resources (7)

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TDDD: Test-Driven Development Dojo en Sevilla 1/4

Introducción a IWT2 Dojo US. 5 noviembre 2.012

IWT2 DojoUs. 05 octubre 2012. Ejercicio: Sokoban

IWT2 Dojo US. Introducción a TDD. 5 octubre 2012
Desarrollo de Videojuegos Dirigido por Pruebas

C#: How do I use Assert (Unit Testing) to verify that an exception has been thrown?

Effective Mockito Part 3

FEST is a collection of APIs, released under the Apache 2.0 license, whose mission is to simplify software testing. It is composed of various modules, which can be used with TestNG or JUnit.

Why You Don’t Get Mock Objects

What I’ve Learned About Testing Over the Last Year

Functional TDD: A Clash of Cultures

The Day the QA Department Died

What are the most widely used .NET practices and tools?

Refactoring: Replace Conditional with Polymorphism

Introduction To JavaScript Unit Testing

The Best Approach to Software Development

Classic TDD or “London School”?

Testability and Entity Framework 4.0

lshimokawa / codingdojo
Boilerplate code for starting Coding Dojos, each folder contains a unit testing framework configured with an initial test.

How test-driven development works (and more!)

Walkthrough: Using TDD with ASP.NET MVC

The ROI of Test-Driven Development

Testing ASP.NET MVC Views, from New Project to the Build Server

bigeasy / proof
A test non-framework for Node.js

03×02 Mock, Stub, Spy y otras hierbas con Carlos Ble

Video: BDD, por Jorge Gamba, desde el Campus Party Colombia

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Angel “Java” Lopez

October 5, 2012

TDD: Links, News And Resources (6)

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Expresso is a JavaScript TDD framework written for nodejs. Expresso is extremely fast, and is packed with features such as additional assertion methods, code coverage reporting, CI support, and more.
Automating UI Tests In WPF Applications

hjwp / Test-Driven-Django-Tutorial
source code & text for a tutorial on using doing TDD django

Effective Mockito Part 1
Emulating “self types” using Java Generics to simplify fluent API implementation
When TDD Fails
…The more generic it is (dependency-inject the calendar!), the better…. <– I disagree. TDD doesn’t push for it
…Typical MVC controller methods (actions) are a good example of this issue…. <– I disaree.
…but it really isn’t if you use all that added code just for tests and don’t do anything with it in your actual application. … <– I disagree. It’s not the case if you pursue use case implementation!
…Anything that is not testable is bad design. …. <– I disagree. TDD doesn’t go for testability, but for grow software.

Growing Object-Oriented Software, Guided by Tests

The Desktop Fishbowl
Charles blogs all the random nerd stuff he can find.

Six Rules of Unit Testing
Lightweight JS unit testing using the V8 engine

Why You Don’t Get Mock Objects
Although the Ruby community has embraced TDD like no other community ever has, we have always looked at mock objects with disdain, and perhaps even a little hatred….

When TDD Fails
See the comments. Discuss.

Standalone test spies, stubs and mocks for JavaScript. No dependencies, works with any unit testing framework.


Best books about TDD
The Primer Factors Kata

seattlerb / minitest
minitest provides a complete suite of testing facilities supporting TDD, BDD, mocking, and benchmarking.

orfjackal / tdd-tetris-tutorial
Tutorial for learning TDD. You make a Tetris game by writing code to pass the test cases.

Learning Test Driven Development (TDD) through katas
Downloadable Katas

TDD Exercise Ideas
Welcome to TDD Problems!
The aim of this site is to contain a growing collection of software problems well-suited for the TDD-beginner and apprentice to learn Test-Driven Development through problem solving.
Test Driven Single Page Web Applications
by @jfroma
Desafios de Programacion

Seven Steps to Great Unit Test Names
Addy Osmani on JavaScript, Debugging and Testing
Addy Osman shares his experience from working on popular open source JavaScript libraries and frameworks. He also gives many tips about testing, debugging and maintaining big JavaScript projects.

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Angel “Java” Lopez

October 2, 2012

New Month’s Resolutions: October 2012

Time to review past month resolutions and write down the new ones:

- Give a talk about distributed applications [complete] see Spanish post
- Give a talk about TDD for .NET [complete] see Spanish post
- Continue working on PythonSharp [complete] see repo
- Continue preparing the talk about code generation in Ruby complete
- Continue preparing my talk for Python Argentina complete
- More work on AjConsorSite [complete] see repo
- Work on AjContab (PHP version) [complete] see repo
- Work on AjTalk for Java [complete] see repo

Additionally, I was working on GameServer see post (Spanish) see repo

Resolutions for October:

- Give a talk about programming languages in Javascript
- Give a talk about Node.js/ realtime web applications
- Work on PythonSharp
- Work on AjTalk for Java
- Work on AjConsorSite
- Work on GameServer

The two planned talks are big commitments to me. And I will present my work on PythonSharp at PyCon Argentina (November).

Keep tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez

September 28, 2012

TDD: Links, News And Resources (5)

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You know: production code without TDD is condemned by Geneva Convention ;-). More resources about one of my favorites topics:

mfncooper / sidedoor
Exposing a secondary API for your Node.js modules

Kata – the Only Way to Learn TDD
Test Driven Development in PHP

Unit testing in node.js

Unit testing node.js apps

Test Driven Development in Python

Ruby, Setting $stdout per-thread

TATFT — I feel a revolution coming on

Just enough testing

Testing like the TSA

ELisp Testing

Jasmine is a behavior-driven development framework for testing your JavaScript code.

Why I hate Test Driven Development

How to not solve a Sudoku

Sudoku 4: Disaster Narrowly Averted
Sudoku: Learning, Thinking and Doing Something About It

Moving On With Sudoku

OK, Sudoku

ASP.NET Web Forms 4.5, MVVM and Testability
MS Test, el framework de test de Visual Studio 2010

Erlang EUnit – introduction

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Keep tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez

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