Blockchain: Links And Resources (240)

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9 Best Decentralized Exchanges Which You Can Use To Trade Right Now

Decentralized Exchanges Aren’t Living Up to Their Name – And Data Proves It

Watch Out Crypto Exchanges, Decentralization Is Coming

What is a Decentralized Exchange

The State of Decentralized Exchanges

Cryptocurrency investor robbed via his cellphone account sues AT&T for $224 million over loss

Blockchain Technology Set To Revolutionize Global Stock Trading

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JavaScript: Links, News And Resources (24)

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TypeScript 3.0 Released

Announcing TypeScript 3.0 RC

Introducing Fusion.js: A Plugin-based Universal Web Framework

Removing Babel’s Stage Presets

JavaScript coding competition

Pts: A Library for Visualization and Creative Coding

How to Deal with Dirty Side Effects in Your Pure Functional JavaScript

Introducing Electron Fiddle

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Blockchain: Links And Resources (239)

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Interview with Ruben Altman, Co-founder of RSK – Building Smart Contracts on Bitcoin

Decentralized storage platform

Blockchain-based marketplace for file storage

Versioning of Entities in Ethereum/RSK

Scaling Ethereum/RSK: Multi Blockchains (1)

Scaling Ethereum/RSK: Multi Blockchains (2)

MultiCurrency in Ethererum/RSK (1)

Ledger Adds Raft of New Crypto-Assets

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Blockchain: Links And Resources (238)

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Responsible disclosure in the era of cryptocurrencies

Reducing the risk of catastrophic cryptocurrency bugs

IOTA Critic in Black Hat

Drivechains, Sidechains and Hybrid 2-Way Peg Designs

RSK Vulnerability Bounty Program

RSK White Paper Overview

SEC Delays VanEck-SolidX Bitcoin ETF Decision to September

Understanding Payment Channels

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Programming: Links and Resources (18)

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The Truth About Martin Fowler and Uncle Bob

The 2018 Web Developer Roadmap

Blockchain hype may have peaked, but IBM is still a believer

El Silicon Valley de Europa está en Barcelona

Eliminating Java Update Confusion

Oracle Will Charge for Java Starting in 2019

Bests posts on Language Engineering

Simple terminal UI for git commands

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Blockchain: Links And Resources (237)

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Decentralized certificate authority and naming

Ethereum Name Service Toolkit

Ethereum Name Service Gateway

TPL – Transaction Permission Layer
A Validation System for Secure Peer-to-Peer Exchange

Proof of concept for the contracts implementing TPL

Artificial Intelligence on Blockchain

Hyperledger Fabric – Peers

What if people were paid for their data?

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Blockchain: Links And Resources (236)

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Zeppelin Community Interviews: Dennison Bertram

Smart Contract SLAs for Dense Small-Cell-as-a-Service

Foundations of Homomorphic Secret Sharing

Lumino Transaction Compression Protocol (LTCP)

Solidity Learning: Revert(), Assert(), and Require() in Solidity, and the New REVERT Opcode in the EVM

The World Bank is preparing for the world’s first blockchain bond

ConsensusPedia: An Encyclopedia of 30 Consensus Algorithms

Where Have All the Augur Users Gone?

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