Blockchain: Links And Resources (170)

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Why the net giants are worried about the Web 3.0
The Internet of Blockchains

Velvet Forks: Crypto Updates Without the Controversy?

A Wild Velvet Fork Appears!
Inclusive Blockchain Protocol Changes in Practice

AxLang: Formally Verifiable Smart Contracts for the Ethereum Ecosystem

Is Ethereum dead?

ComboJack Trojan Replaces Cryptocurrency Addresses Copied to Windows Clipboard

Ethereum account balance manipulation

Coinbase bug made it possible to reward yourself with unlimited Ethereum

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Blockchain: Links And Resources (169)

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RSK Bamboo Release V0.4.1 Is Here

Sierra Leone government denies the role of blockchain in its recent election

X-Road Backbone of e-Estonia

Bitcoin Transaction Fees

Bitcoin Argentina Facebook

Ethereum Name Service
(The data in this site is no longer updated)

Essentia Monthly Update

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Blockchain: Links And Resources (168)

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Mad blockchain science: A 100% upgradeable contract

A beginner’s guide to buying an ENS domain

RSK launched in Jaxx. How to get SBTC

Wallet for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Other Cryptocurrencies

Are we decentralized yet?

Speaking The Same Language In Johannesburg At 8,000 Km From Home. Disruption Is The New Language.

¿Qué define el precio del Bitcoin?

The quantum computers are coming! Is this Bitcoins end?

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Artificial Intelligence: Links And Resources (63)

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This car runs on code

Artificial Intelligence Trends To Watch In 2018

Synapse AI
Decentralized AI Network

Algorithmic Bias in Autonomous Systems

Biased Algorithms Are Everywhere, and No One Seems to Care

Inspecting Algorithms for Bias

Gaming AI beats human top scores by cheating

AI breakthrough: app can transcribe your meetings in real time, for free

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Blockchain: Links And Resources (167)

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Blockchain Platform for Developers

Blockchain Leaks

Snarky: A high-level language for verifiable computation


IPCHAIN Database: Protecting Intellectual Property with Blockchain

Blockchain Platform Allows People in Low-Wage Countries to Earn Crypto for Labeling Data

Block Size Limit Controversy

Segregated Witness

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Blockchain: Links And Resources (166)

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Why we are building Cardano

Leveraging Kubernetes to run a private production ready Ethereum network

Does blockchain offer hype or hope?

4 Things That Made Blockchain The Most Disruptive Tech In Decades

Can Blockchain Improve Digital Identificacion?

Bitcoin vs blockchain: Which one should farmers learn about?

Buterin Presents Blockchain Scaling Solution That Could Make Exchanges ‘Hack Resistant’

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Blockchain: Links And Resources (165)

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Optimizing Disease Surveillance by Reporting on the Blockchain

What You Need to Know About Blockchain in the Supply Chain

Is Blockchain the Way of the Future or All Hype?

FRESCO launched Blockchain Art Trust Value Distribution Network

Some Simple Economics of the Blockchain

Does blockchain offer hype or hope?

How DAC Blockchain Will Bring You Closer to the Music Artists You Love

Trouble in mortgage land; blockchain not ready for prime time

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