More SaaS resources and links

Some links about Software as a Service:

Juergen Pfeifer’s blog
He is Solution Architect at Microsoft, EMEA

A company offering a SaaS application

More about Remend at Ron Jacobs’ ARCast:
ARCast.TV – SaaS @ Work – Remend Overview
ARCast.TV – SaaS @ Work – Remend Architecture Overview
ARCast.TV – SaaS @ Work – Remend Architecture Drilldown on Workflow and Services
ARCast.TV – SaaS @ Work – Remend User Experience
ARCast TV – SaaS @ Work – Remend Database Architecture

SaaS – Mega Disruption
10 Strategic Aspects of Software as a Service
Interesting post with ten aspects
1) Time to value
2) Perpetual service model
3) Major transformation in usability and support structure
4) Financial predictability
5) Leveraged Administration, reduced cost
6) Data security and reliability
7) Meta Data – Business Benchmarks
8) Technology Free Information Management
9) User Integration
10) Explosive Growth

Axel’s Blog
Axel Schultze is an entrepreneur, innovator and visionary. This Blog is about Innovation in general, INternet Software Services (SaaS, Web 2.0…) in particular and visionary views of that new world.

Next Level of Technology

The Enterprise Software Chasm

TCO for SaaS Applications

The beginning of a new software economy
From 1 Million to 100 Million SaaS users in 5 years

The Service Economy

Single Sign On for SaaS

Pioneering Software as a Service

Software as a Service Executive Council

Boasso on Business
Observation & Outlook on the Business of Technology



‘The Art of Evangelism’ In the SaaS World

SaaS Workshop Series
The SaaS Workshop is designed to help you accelerate growth in your on-demand business. This workshop will be broken up into two-sessions tailored for your job function.
SaaSy thinking
Thoughts on the world of Software-as-a-Service

SaaS Showplace

Industry News/Events

Software-as-a-Service Insights
Angel “Java” Lopez

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