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Free book on Algorithms

A free pdf book titled “Algorithms”, by S. Dasgupta, C.H. Papadimitriou, and U.V. Vazirani, can be downloaded from

Entire book (draft)

More info at

According to Cedric’s Blog

The book is very extensive and covers the most important algorithms you will ever come across in your life as a developer, starting with the introduction of the “big O” notation, and then progressively moving to more complex topics such as graphs, dynamic programming (nothing to do with dynamic languages), linear programming and culminating this area with the Simplex algorithm (I loved this section).

A Table of contents with downloads:
Chapter 0: Prologue
Chapter 1: Algorithms with numbers
Chapter 2: Divide-and-conquer algorithms
Chapter 3: Decompositions of graphs
Chapter 4: Paths in graphs
Chapter 5: Greedy algorithms
Chapter 6: Dynamic programming
Chapter 7: Linear programming
Chapter 8: NP-complete problems
Chapter 9: Coping with NP-completeness
Chapter 10: Quantum algorithms

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Mini Book Domain Driven Design Quickly

InfoQ has published a mini-book (printed version with cost, free pdf to download), that is a summary of DDD, and of Eric Evan’s book on DDD.

Table of contents

This book is a short, quickly-readable summary and introduction to the fundamentals of DDD; it does not introduce any new concepts; it attempts to concisely summarize the essence of what DDD is, drawing mostly Eric Evans’ book, as well other sources since published such as Jimmy Nilsson’s Applying Domain Driven Design, and various DDD discussion forums.  Chapters of the book include:

  1. Building Domain Knowledge
  2. The Ubiquitous Language
  3. Model Driven Design
  4. Refactoring Toward Deeper Insight
  5. Preserving Model Integrity
  6. Interview with Eric Evans on why DDD matters today

About the book

Domain-Driven Design Quickly was produced by, summarized primarily by Abel Avram and with Floyd Marinescu as managing editor. Special thanks to Eric Evans for his support and Vladimir Gitlevich and Dan Bergh Johnsson for their detailed reviews. The intention of this book is to get an introduction to Domain-Driven Design into as many hands as possible, to help it become mainstream.

More info on:

I’ve downloaded the .pdf from

Download this book FREE (PDF)

Software as a Service Webcast

I received an invitation from InfoWorld, that sounds interesting for marketing and entrepreneur people (hmmmm… I think it is less interesting for developers, but I’m not sure…). There is the info for the webcast:

Software as a Service, or SaaS, business models are
redefining the way in which businesses deliver products to
end-users. As these models proliferate, many companies are
looking to enhance their offerings by embedding best-in-class
search technology and thereby transforming the concept of
Search as a Service.
Is your solution equipped to stand out from the crowd?  
Attend our upcoming Webcast to learn how SaaS can drive
new business and improve customer satisfaction.
Search as a Service: How Embedded Search + SaaS = Better Business.
THIS THURSDAY, December 14th
11:00 AM PT/ 2:00 PM ET / On-Demand 48-Hours After Live Event
Click on the following link now to attend this free Webcast,
presented by FAST and InfoWorld:

Learn about:
– The value of best-of-breed search to SaaS applications.
– What to look for in an embedded search solution.
– How to easily and successfully integrate embedded enterprise
  search technology into your existing IT infrastructure.
– Reducing time and costs, and improving ROI with best-of-breed
  embedded search capabilities.
– How to proactively improve search within your existing SaaS
  infrastructure to improve functionality, performance, and
Join InfoWorld editor Richard Gincel, and experts from FAST and
Truition, for a Webcast that will examine how search can be a
key enabler for many SaaS applications by improving application
functionality and end-user experience.
Sign up now to attend this free Webcast:

Pass this email along to your colleagues!
We look forward to having you join us.

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Domain-Driven Design Resources

July 2011 Update: Domain-Driven Design: Links, News, Resources (1)

I have my links collection on Domain-Driven Design, and I want to post it to this blog. This list is only a disorganized collection but I think that can be useful:

Eric Evans’ Site

My link collection on Delicious

Organizing Domain Logic

Spring XT

Anemic Domain Model


Fluent Interface


You must read all posts from Sergio Bossa

Spring Modules XT

A DDD example in Java

Applying the Application Layer in Domain-Driven Design

DDD: Can I drop my Service Layer?

Concurrency control in databases: Introduction

Peter Veenjter on DDD

Constructing View objects with the Builder pattern

Domain-Driven Design: Model Driven Architecture Done Right?

A Better Path to Enterprise Architectures

Puede ser interesante este articulo de Hibernate con un Modelo de Dominio sencillo

Avoiding Anemic Domain Models with Hibernate

What is a View in Domain Driven Design?

A Proposal for an Abstract Domain Pattern « Bill Hamaker’s Blog

A Repository Example

DDD Group Blog

Steve Eichert – Domain Driven Design

Hooking your Domain Model and UI Layer

Keeping the Domain Model free from Persistence Logic

DDD: Aggregates & Repositories

How Domain Driven Design changed my way of thinking

A quick comparison of Domain Model vs. Manager (Service) Model

Implementing Manager Models with a domain model

Vote Manager Model, Domain Model, or Both

Does SOA require Object-Message mappers It depends

Domain-Specific Modeling and Model Driven Architecture

Domain driven design implemented in Spring 01
Domain driven design implemented in Spring 02
Domain driven design implemented in Spring 03
Domain driven design implemented in Spring 04
Domain driven design implemented in Spring 05
Domain driven design implemented in Spring 06
Domain driven design implemented in Spring 07
Domain driven design implemented in Spring 08

Domain Driven Design vs Data Driven Design — Domain Driven Design

Domain-Driven Framework Layering in Large Systems

Test Driven Development with Domain Driven Design – Part 1

Test Driven Development with Domain Driven Design – Part 2

Domain-Driven Design, the quest for software perfection

Some thoughts about DDD: Introduction

DDD: Can I drop my Service Layer? (en Arquitectura)

Domain-Driven Design Using Active Record in .NET

Explore model-driven development (MDD) and related approaches: A closer look at model-driven development and other industry initiatives

RAD That Ain’t Bad: Domain-Driven Development with Trails

Trails and Firebird


The Development Abstraction Layer

Advnace Mocking Scenarios With Active Record (using Rhino Mocks)

Testing ActiveRecord objects

ADO.NET Team Blog

LINQ to Entities vs. LINQ to SQL – What should I use and when?

Trouble with Testing “ActiveRecord” objects

Repository vs ActiveRecord

Repository, the Foundation of Domain Driven Design

Lecture 23: Domain-Driven Design, Part 1
Lecture 23: Domain-Driven Design, Part 2
Lecture 23: Domain-Driven Design, Part 3
Lecture 23: Domain-Driven Design, Part 4
Lecture 30: Domain-Driven Design, Part 5 Supple Design

Domain-Driven Modeling with Aspects and Ontologies

An End to End Domain Driven Development Framework

Model View Presenter with ASP.NET

Book Review: Applying Domain-Driven Design and Patterns

The Vietnam of Computer Science

Business domain-driven Java class hierarchies for Domino

Applying Domain-Driven Design and Patterns With Examples in C# and .NET

Next-Generation Data Access: Making the Conceptual Level Real

ADO.NET Tech Preview: Entity Data Model

Object Relational Mapping Resources on

Conceptual Queries using ConQuer-II

ConQuer: a Conceptual Query Language

Conceptual Queries

Business Rules and Object Role Modeling

Agent Oriented Enterprise Modeling Based on Business Rules

Dual Schema Problem

Understanding and Using ValueModels

More Patterns

Ezequiel Jadib on NHibernate and DDD

Ben Scheirman posts:

A Journey with NHibernate – Part 1
A Journey With NHibernate – Part 2
A Journey With NHibernate (and DDD) – Part 3
A Journey with Domain Driven Design (and NHibernate) – Part 4
A Journey with Domain Driven Design (and NHibernate) – Part 5
A Journey with Domain Driven Design (and NHibernate) – Part 6
A Journey with Domain Driven Design (and NHibernate) – Part 7

Angel “Java” Lopez

More SaaS resources and links

Some links about Software as a Service:

Juergen Pfeifer’s blog
He is Solution Architect at Microsoft, EMEA

A company offering a SaaS application

More about Remend at Ron Jacobs’ ARCast:
ARCast.TV – SaaS @ Work – Remend Overview
ARCast.TV – SaaS @ Work – Remend Architecture Overview
ARCast.TV – SaaS @ Work – Remend Architecture Drilldown on Workflow and Services
ARCast.TV – SaaS @ Work – Remend User Experience
ARCast TV – SaaS @ Work – Remend Database Architecture

SaaS – Mega Disruption
10 Strategic Aspects of Software as a Service
Interesting post with ten aspects
1) Time to value
2) Perpetual service model
3) Major transformation in usability and support structure
4) Financial predictability
5) Leveraged Administration, reduced cost
6) Data security and reliability
7) Meta Data – Business Benchmarks
8) Technology Free Information Management
9) User Integration
10) Explosive Growth

Axel’s Blog
Axel Schultze is an entrepreneur, innovator and visionary. This Blog is about Innovation in general, INternet Software Services (SaaS, Web 2.0…) in particular and visionary views of that new world.

Next Level of Technology

The Enterprise Software Chasm

TCO for SaaS Applications

The beginning of a new software economy
From 1 Million to 100 Million SaaS users in 5 years

The Service Economy

Single Sign On for SaaS

Pioneering Software as a Service

Software as a Service Executive Council

Boasso on Business
Observation & Outlook on the Business of Technology



‘The Art of Evangelism’ In the SaaS World

SaaS Workshop Series
The SaaS Workshop is designed to help you accelerate growth in your on-demand business. This workshop will be broken up into two-sessions tailored for your job function.
SaaSy thinking
Thoughts on the world of Software-as-a-Service

SaaS Showplace

Industry News/Events

Software-as-a-Service Insights
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Using Windows Live Writer

This post was generated using the Windows Live Write (beta). Its wonderful. A desktop application that can be used to publish on your blog. It was designed to use with Spaces at Windows Live (blogs at Windows Live site), but it can be used with other blog services.

You can download the program from:

Apparently, it can be used with differents blog services. You can configure many blogs, and now, this is my first post using it at wordpress.

Thanks to Jürgen Pfeifer, for his post:

No more blog editing inside the Browser:-)

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