Programming language for SaaS

One of the problems to resolve in a Software as a Service, is customization. Another related problem, is extensibility and integration with enterprese in-house application.

Although the customization can be obtained via parametrization, and ad-hoc metadata configuration, your needs can easily scalate to an special level that requires more features.

A way to extend and implement such customizations, is using programming. But instead of using a traditional programming language, a SaaS application can use a controled, and specialized language, totally oriented to the domain or line of business of such application.

Notably, adopted such approach, with the Apex programming language:

The language runs on the server. According to Salesforce page:

The key technology of Apex is a new programming language that allows developers to do something entirely new and powerful to run business logic on servers. With the release of this language, Apex developers will be able to use the same tools that’s own development team uses to build our own apps, including our flagship CRM products.

You can add code to events on buttons, links inside Salesforce’s web pages. This is an interesting solution, that deserves study and experimentation. I’d want to incorpore such feature in an extensible SaaS application. Don’t you?

Angel “Java” Lopez

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