Daily Archives: March 11, 2007

Security, SOA, WCF and SaaS: all in one

Matias Woloski has posted an article about the security implementation on a Software as a Service .NET demo application LitwareHR. It’s very interesting to see in action the declarative capabilities of Windows Communication Foundation, the use of Federated security, SAML tokens, and authorization policies. The post is here:


Enjoy and learn!

Angel “Java” Lopez

CoRank opening

There is a new site, from Rogelio Bernal Andreo, founder of www.egrupos.com , www.elistas.com and www.zoomblog.com

It’s www.corank.com, with a Spanish version http://es.corank.com/

According with its home page:

coRank is a site where you can share whatever you find interesting on the web with people who value your opinion, and where you can also find what’s interesting for people whose opinion are important to you – your sources – whether they know who you are or not.

In coRank, your Front Page is yours only, and likely different than any other, as it is based on how the-people-you-select react to upcoming stories and submitted websites.

You can read about its features at Take a tour

Great job, Rogelio!