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.NET, Object Relational Mapping and Code Generation

An interesting article in www.theserverside.net

Shifts in .NET Object-Relational maps (ORMs): Seismic and subtle

There are comments about the old ObjectSpaces, the new LINQ, some critics to NHibernate, and the role of code generator resolving the ORM problems. I’m skeptical on LINQ, but we must wait to see if that technology would be adopted in main stream applications.

For me, code generation is a great way to produce software quickly, for example, the repetitive tasks of ORMs, data access, stored procedures, and DDLs. You can check my favourite project http://www.ajlopez.com/ajgenesis to see code generation in action, producing a complete application for .NET, or PHP, or JSP, using Hibernate/NHibernate, DDD concepts or whatever you want, using a free user-defined models and templates.

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