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TheServerSide.NET on Software as a Service

There is a post written by Jack Vaughan:

.NET Blog View: Microsoft launches guidance for Software as a Service

It’s interesting that Vaughan writes about the ASP concept: Application Service Provider. And points towards Google, SalesForces, and Windows Live apps. For me, these are interesting times. After the Internet Bubble, few companies have reached an income level that make them profitable. SalesForce is an exception: an after-bubble survivor, its model shows the maturity of the concept, and the reality of the results.

IBM, Microsoft, Google, and more, are after the Long Tail of SaaS. In my opinion, such big companies doesn’t have the focus to run a SaaS effort, oriented to the every day apps that more business need to run. The game is open to the new, focused companies, that concentrates all its forces on the SaaS arena.

And you, what kind of SaaS application are you thinking about?

Angel “Java” Lopez

Call for Papers on Generative Programming

GPCE’07 is the Sixth International Conference on Generative Programming, more information:



ACM logo  October 1-3, 2007
Salzburg, Austria
(co-located with ESWEEK’07)

Sponsored by ACM SIGPLAN, in cooperation with ACM SIGSOFT.
GPCE’07 proceedings published by ACM Press.

According to the announce:

Generative and component approaches are revolutionizing software development similar to how automation and components revolutionized manufacturing. Generative Programming (developing programs that synthesize other programs), Component Engineering (raising the level of modularization and analysis in application design), and Domain-Specific Languages (elevating program specifications to compact domain-specific notations that are easier to write, maintain, and analyze) are key technologies for automating program development.

  • Call for papers: HTML
  • Call for tutorial proposals: HTML
  • Call for workshop proposals: HTML
  • Subscribe to the gpce-news mailing list to stay up-to-date
  • Previous conference: GPCE’06 in Portland, Oregon


Important Dates:
     * Submission of abstracts:            April 17, 2007
     * Submission:                         April 20, 2007
     * Notification:                       June 10, 2007
     * Tutorial and workshop proposals:    March 16, 2007
     * Tutorial and workshop notification: April 9, 2007

Smalltalk Archeology

Aaron Reichow posted a message to Squeak development mailing list. He published a page with old versions of Smalltalk. You can download these oldies, too:


 Look and feel of Digitalk Methods 1.1 (old good times… :-):


I remember such windows, popularized via Borland products…. I want my Sidekick!!… 🙂

The original message:

> Hey Squeakers!
> I and others have discussed old versions of Smalltalk a few times on  the
> list in recent months.  Something I mentioned was putting up a  page with
> screenshots of various old versions of Smalltalk.  I  recently got a few
> of these old Smalltalks running and tonight I put  together a simple page
> with a few screenshots and some basic info.
> Check it out at:
> http://bitquabit.com/rev/old/
> Right now I’ve got some info and screenshots up for: Apple  Smalltalk-80
> for Mac OS Classic, Digitalk Methods 1.1 (text-mode) for  DOS, and
> Digitalk Smalltalk/V 286 R3 (graphical) for DOS.
> Thanks to all those who made this thing we love: Smalltalk! And  thanks to
> those who have helped me out with this lil project.
> Regards,
> Aaron