All about Windows Presentation Foundation

Everything you want to know on Windows Presentation Foundation, the technology inside .NET 3.x, now in the WPF encyclopedia:

created and maintained by Actipro Software, but you can add your favorite links.

What is is a free community resource that was created to provide an organized one-stop resource guide for Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) developers.

There is a lot of great WPF-related information out on the web that developers have posted. However the problem used to be finding it. The resource guide solves this problem by providing a categorized list of links to various articles, blog posts, tools, and other resources throughout the web.

While the resource guide is updated by Actipro almost daily, we encourage you to add your own links as well. The resource guide currently contains 419 resource links.

Visit this site often or subscribe to the RSS newsfeed to keep on top of the latest WPF resources on the Internet.

Some categories:

Books, Tutorials and Help

Sample WPF Applications

Essential Tools

WPF Blogs

WPF Sample Code

Thanks to Ezequiel Jadib: he was the source of this link.

Angel “Java” Lopez

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