My Week

Once or twice a year, I post about my week activities. Here is the plan for this week:

Some points:

Tuesday’s Philosophy course is with Laura Klein, more info at: Más cursos de filosofia

Thursday’s Philosophy course is about what is the human being, or anthropological philosophy, more info at: De nuevo, curso de filosofía

I teach about software development at Club de Programadores.

No courses at Microsoft User Group in Argentina, this week.

Southworks is a customer where I working in a team, revamping Fabriq software.

Go is a great game, more info at I’m going to play in the Asociación Argentina de Go next saturday.

Angel “Java” Lopez

1 thought on “My Week

  1. Griselda

    Nice week.
    Your life seems to be the Club de Programadores and Southworks.
    May I ask a question? The yellow includes spare time or waste time is not an option?
    I already told you that I want “modelar” Angel Lopez. Je.


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