The making of LitwareHR

 During the last year, I participated of the making of LitwareHR, a SaaS reference implementation of Microsoft. I was working in a team, at Southworks. At the end of the project, a video was made to show, in a funny way, some of the ideas of the project.

Now, you can see the video at

MSN Video – The making of LitwareHR

The “stars” are Gianpaolo Carraro and Fred Chong, from Microsoft.

 I have a minimal intervention, but you know: no small script for a great actor.. 😉

Angel “Java” Lopez

1 thought on “The making of LitwareHR

  1. Griselda

    Excelente interpretación.!!!
    Tu papel es el más importante del south work team.
    Sos el único que tuvo diálogo.¿verdad?
    PD: ¿qué hay en la caja?


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