The role of an Architect: call for papers

The Microsoft Architect Journal is preparing an issue 14 about The role of an architect. They are calling for papers about that subject, to be selected and published. More info at Simon Guest blog (the only guy at Microsoft allowed to login as guest…. ;-):

Microsoft Architecture Journal Issue 15 – Call For Papers

If you think you could write a great article for the Journal, here is your chance! Follow the instructions below to send an abstract before the cut-off date and you could see your thoughts and ideas shared with over 60,000 readers, translated in 5 languages, and distributed at multiple conferences around the world!

The end date for abstract submissions is January 14th 2008. It is the opportunity to share your ideas and knowledge about that great job, the software architect life.

More information about writting for the Microsoft Architect Journal:

Become a Contributor

If you don’t read the journal, please, go and read it. There are lot of interesting articles, and it’s not only focused on Microsoft technologies.

Thanks to Ezequiel Jadib, for sending me this info.

Angel “Java” Lopez

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