Agiles 2008 in Argentina

A group of people and companies, agile practicioners and enthusiasts, are organizing (in agile way, what else?) the forthcoming:

First Latin-American Conference on Agile Development Methodologies


Among the international experts that have already confirmed their participation in Ágiles 2008 are Mary and Tom Poppendieck, Matt Gelbwaks and Tobias Mayer.

Tobias Mayer is an agile coach, that teach agile methodologies to most of us, here, in Buenos Aires and in other cities of Argentina. He is a kindly man, with great abilities to inspire and engage people in agile way. He could be considered the “godfather” of agile movement in this country… 🙂

The organizers are calling for papers, ideas, proposals for activities:

Attending a conference without saying a word is too boring! We welcome your ideas to actively take part in Ágiles 2008. We have three kinds of activities in mind: Talks (the usual slideshow, people seated, Q & A at the end), Interactive Sessions (people standing, moving around, talking, doing) and Panels (subject open to discussion, format to be defined). But fear not: we are eager to receive your craziest idea! Just write us and we will try to find its place in the world.

Slots are 45 minutes long, but you may take more than one for a single activity.

Deadline is September 1st. You may leave us your proposal filling the form in

Ágiles 2008 Organization Team

For years, agile methodologies were gaining acceptance in my country, Argentina, and in Latin America. And now is the time to show to the rest of the industry what is all that agile movement.

Just do it (with a backlog… 😉

Angel “Java” Lopez

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