New Smalltalk Site:

These days, this new site dedicated to Smalltalk was launched:

According to the site: is a non-profit organization which congregates Smalltalk programmers and enthusiastics. In 2008, we are going a step forward with this new website.
The big idea behind this website is to provide a source of information about Smalltalk in general.
The Smalltalk community has not good sources of information, or they’re all over the net, and sometimes it’s difficult to find them.

If you want to contribute, you’re welcome!

It’s an spinoff of the activity of the Spanish mailing list:

Some of the most popular articles published:

Interview with Luca Bruno, the creator of Smalltalk YX

Argentinian Smalltalk Congress- Smalltalks 2008

Seaside and Ruby on rails

It has sections:


Smalltalk Frequently Asked Questions

GemStone Frequently Asked Questions


Commercial Smalltalk Environments

Free Smalltalk Environments

Abbandon Smalltalk Environments

Frameworks, Platforms & Tools

and more: Tools, Resources, Community. It has links to Smalltalk Books, like:

Free Books 

Thanks to the work of Stéphane Ducasse, we have a huge collection of Free Smalltalk books online.
Download from

Creative Common Books

Our friend Diego Gomez Deck has written an excellent book in Spanish to start in Smalltalk. You can buy a hardcopy or you can download it under the creative common licence from
If you like it, we recommend to buy it, we are proud of this kind of projects.

The site is in its infancy, but I hope that with the help of the Smalltalk community, it will grow and become a reference to anyone interested in ST.

It’s supported by PHP. In my opinion, it’s a good sign: for years, Smalltalk community was reluctant to integrate or use other tools or technologies. In these days, with the plethora of languages, frameworks and platforms, we must abandon such isolated trend, and be more integrated.

Angel “Java” Lopez

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