Sabbatical Week

Yesterday, I started my second sabbatical week of this year. I used to have two such weeks, dedicated to thinking, reading, creating stuff, coding, and minor organizations. This “week” will end at monday September 29th. I would prefer to travel, leaving Buenos Aires (Mar del Plata is my favourite place for a sabbatical week), but this time I’ll stay here, without other obligations, except some coding in a project. No speech to give, no classes to prepare, no meetings to attend.

In this post, I want to share a list of my technical commitments for this long week, so I put more dedication on their complying . Here is the list:

– Terminate a first running version of AjSharp, my C#-like interpreter, now in development inside my AjBasic project.

– Write the code for a textual model support in AjGenesis, instead of only XML files, as in current version. You can see some progress at project code repository.

– Publish some example of AjGenesis generating files for LINQ and Visual Studio 2008.

– Pouring love in AjTalk project, to support the reading of basic class definitions from .st-like files.

– Write two posts about AjGenesis.

– Write two posts about F#.

– Write two posts related to CCR (Concurrent and Coordination Runtime).

(The posts will be published during this sabbatical week or on following week)

Possible overdelivers (not fully committed):

– Integration of AjBasic/AjSharp in AjGenesis.

– Publish a new version of AjMessage, supporting transport of message via DSS/CCR and WCF.

– First version of my version of entities in the cloud, a la Sql Server Data Services (only local library, API and tests, not support for distributed stuff or cloud, yet).

It’s an ambitious but funny plan. I’ll post the results at the end of the sabbatical week. There is another non tech list of commitments, referring to write general posts about topics I’m interested on (philosophy, science, mathematics), and some points related to minor reorganizations. I don’t want to be distracted by many other duties: sabbatical weeks must pursue quality time and focus.

(Original photo by James Marshall stolen….er…. taken from post
Making it Look Easy For those on sabbatical, work is its own reward

Some notes and results of my last sabbatical week (in Spanish) at:
Semana Sabática
Resultados de la semana sabática

Angel “Java” Lopez

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