Artificial Intelligence meeting in Buenos Aires

 Last Wednesday Nov 26th, I attended to the first meeting of Artificial intelligence in Buenos Aires. The motivation for the meeting was to contact other persons interested in AI, and begin to form a group of interest, coordinate activites, or simply, exchange opinions and knowledge about AI.The assistants:Hernán Moraldo, ten years ago he began programming games, now he is dedicated to the mathematical world, he worked with artificial vision, and now he works for Wolfram Research, the company that develops Mathematica.Marcos Leguizamón, programmer, interested in electronics, member of the list of Robot Developers, currently he’s developing games for Sabarasa.Javier Otaegui, who is one of the founders of Sabarasa, company dedicated to the creation of games, appeared under other “two hats”: founder of Think an App, a new enterprise that solves difficult problems, using artificial intelligence (they are using genetic algorithms, in an application for an oil one), and as a member of ADVA, Association of Developer of Videojuegos of Argentina; the next year they’ll accept papers for its annual congress, including the subject of artificial intelligence for games (already I had published something on ADVA in Exhibition of Videojuegos Argentina EVA 2008)Manuel Aráoz, student of ITBA, Technological Institute Buenos Aires, interested in artificial intelligence , but specially on the mathematics.Néstor Balich, that knew the meeting by the list Robots Developer, he’s interested in Artificial intelligence, professor and investigator in robotics, he presented his site dedicated to Robotics and Artificial intelligence can imagine the enthusiasm and interchange of ideas. We were spoken on the shortage of AI programmers in Argentina, the “gap” between academic and the practitioner, the different supports for entrepreneurs in my country, the programming languages that are used in AI, companies that need AI, AI in the world, AI and robotics, congress of Applied Computacional Intelligence , next year in Buenos Aires, AI in games (I mentioned Computer Go), the difference between producing “papers” and working in AI, etc. We were discussing algorithms in games, AI ones and others that no, like path finder, and state machines. The use of AI in the implementation commented of Popego, apparently, programmed by the people of Zauber. Software with AI in my country, Argentina, related to robotics, robotic soccer, developments using Prolog (in the University of the Comahue), AI activity in universities (like the work of Amandi in the University of the Center). Also new applications of AI like those of Evolution Robotics, one of whose vice-presidents is Argentine. We talked politic subjects, like the lack of relation between the industry, the government and the academic activity, and the next “technological pole ” of Buenos Aires, the Metropolitan Center of Technology, located in Parque Patricios.I showed something of Computer Go in HPC Cluster, some functionality of Microsoft Robotics, and a great of Big Dog of Boston Dynamics (I did not mention AjGo and AjLisp).As conclusion, we see that we have points in common, the desire to make things, so as “outcome” of this first meeting, we created a list in Google Groups, to coordinate the group and to exchange ideas on Artificial intelligence. The language of the list is Spanish, if you are interested in AI, you are welcome toIA GrupoMy personal outcome, is this post, a summary of the meeting, Spanish version atInteligencia Artifical en Buenos AiresAngel “Java” Lopez

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