Augmented Reality with Windows HPC Server

These days, my team is working with Windows High Performance Computing Server 2008. During my research on HPC, I found this demo (via Twitter search about HPC):

This work is frrom the people of High Performance Computing Center de Stuttgart (HLRS)

Augmented reality is a kind of virtual reality that combines real images with virtual ones. You can use a transparent headset and see a 3D scheme of an engine while you are repairing it. The group at HLRS is working with the Microsoft Technical Computing Initiative in such scenarios, more info at Augmented Reality in the automotive industry

There are photos of its installations at

Microsoft HPC Institute – HLRS – University of Stuttgart

It’s like my own hardware at home…. 🙂

I found additional videos at

Augmented Reality mit Windows HPC

More videos about HPC and MPI debugging at


More information about Augmented Reality

What Is the Metaverse and Should HPC Care?
Augmented reality – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Mixed reality – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR)
How Augmented Reality Will Work

I want my personal Holodek!

Angel “Java” Lopez

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