Applied Computational Intelligence Conference

There is an active Artificial Intelligence group in the University of Palermo, here in Buenos Aires, Argentine. They are organizing a congress on Applied Computational Intelligence. More info in the site:

Applied Computation Intelligence Conference


Applied Computational Intelligence Conference

The Conference will take place in Buenos Aires City on July, 23rd and 24th, 2009.
The purpose of the Conference is to analyze the discipline’s state of the art from a practical application point of view, in our country and abroad; to generate a debate between national and international peers about the central problematic of this subject and to promote the integration of professionals, researchers, enterprises and industries, within an innovative framework orientated towards the community benefit.
Tel: +54-11-5199-4520

The topics are:

• Genetic Algorithms Applications (GA)
• Web Intelligent Browsing (WIB)
• Modelization by concepts
• Industrial and financial applications of Computational Intelligence
The Conference will focus on those successful practices and strategies that may represent a significant advancement in any of the topics mentioned. It is suggested that authors should enclose a description of their work, as well as any findings in the field and details of future research. It would be advisable that all findings may come from centers where specialized resources are developed. It is expected that the papers presented deal with the above mentioned topics. However, papers that may not be directly concerned with those topics, but with the main theme of the Conference, will also be considered.

More about the topics:

Gregory Chaitin and Noam Chomsky are part of the Honarary Committee

Robert C. Berwick and Stan Franklin will be speakers. Berwick with “Cons forever: Language at the Core of Human Intelligence”, and Franklin topic is: “If you want smart software, copy it after a human”

It’s very interesting that this kind of congress is being organized in my country, Argentina. In this Internet times, the face to face relation still stands. I hope this event will be a success, and a key point to consolidate the AI research in Argentina.

Angel “Java” Lopez

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