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Past Wednesday, I had the pleasure of give an speech about Artificial Intelligence, here, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The seminar was organized by Club de Programadores. I would like to present in this post the material I presented, examples, related links, resources and bibliography I used to prepare the speech.

Arficial Intelligence is a wide field, and after years of development, it has many different branches, that are based in differen principles and algorithms: symbolic processing, neural networks, genetic algorithms, strong AI, expert systems, fuzzy logic, planning, robotics, etc…

The presentation (in Spanish) can be downloaded from IntroIA2009012003b.ppt. An older but more complete presentation, more complete can be downloaded from:

There is a group of peolple interested in Artificial Intelligence, here, in my country, Argentina, more details at:

Inteligencia Artificial en Argentina

During the speech, I mentioned that this year Buenos Aires will host a conference about Applied Computation Intelligence, more info:

Applied Computational Intelligence Conference

For a first view of the many branches and history of AI, the base are the Wikipedia articles:

Artificial Intelligence
History of Artificial Intelligence

A site to visit:

Peter Norvig

A paper, with the ideas of Marvin Minsky, about how could model a mind:

Future Models for Mind-Machines

I don’t agree with Kurzweil’s ideas, but you must visit his site:

At many points in the speech, I cited a paper that describes the history of Artificial Intelligence, and the chain of commercial failures:

If it works, It’s not AI

A recent and more optimistic article:

Future Watch: A.I. comes of ages

I like Douglas Lenat work at eighties. Currently, he is working on common sense, see:

Sites to visit about AI: About AI PC AI Free Magazine Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research Association for the advance of Artificial Intelligence

Clear lessons, about many topics in AI, with source code examples, at

AI Junkie

Programming Languages

Two programming languanges related to AI are:

Lisp programs can be managed as data
Prolog that uses declarative programming

At the end of this posts, there are info about books on many AI topics, that use these languages in examples (example free books in the web).

I had a prepared example, using  P#, an open source Prolog implementation in C#.

I’m working on a Lisp interpreter, see AjLisp- a Lisp interpreter in .NET.


AI Programming (Lisp)
AI Programming (Prolog)

Fuzzy Logic

I used an example from:

Fuzzy Tech

Rule based systems

I didn’t show an example, but you can visit:

Jess Java rule based system (it uses the Rete algorithm).

Machine learning

Some links

UCI Machine Learning Group
Machine Learning in Games
Machine Learning (AI on the Web)


I mentioned the problems we faced with planning. Some links:

What is Partial-Order Planning?
Review of An introduction to Least Commitment Planning
Selected History of Partial Order Planning, Part 1 (Sacerdoti was my first reference in this topic)
Selected History of Partial Order Planning, Part 2

Neural Networks

I showed a demo of this commercial product:


An example with ants controlled via neural networks that evolve using genetic algorithms, at:

Neural Networks in plain English

Other links: Twenty Questions Neural-Net on the Web

Genetic Algorithms

An introduction to read

Genetic Algorithms in plain English

I showed my example:

AjGa- a genetic algorithm library


More links:

Galib genetic algorithms library

Genetic Algorithms and Genetic Programming (lot of links)
What is Genetic Algorithms?
Genetic Programming
Genetic Algorithms
Survival of the Fittest: Natural Selection with Windows Forms  (.NET)
An introduction to Genetic Algorithms In Java
AIAI Technology Genetic Algorithms
Genetic Algorithms and the Traveling Salesman Problem (C++ for Windows)

Evolutive Programming

I play with my example

Playing with evolvable programs

I run the example from AI_Life. It uses neural networks, genetic algorithms, pursuit behaviors. 

Games and Artificial Intelligence

First, board games.

The project Reversi is an implementation of MinMax algorithm using Alfa Beta pruning.

In Connect Four and Learning Draughts there are simple learning algorithms.

The current state of game and AI:

Microsoft research group:

Applied Games

There is another branch: AI in video games:

Game IA

What is BattleCode-

Artificial Intelligence and Computer Games

AI- AAAI Library online

Game AI for Developers —

State machines are used in behavior simulation, you can read

State-Driven Game Agent Design


Computer Go

I showed my AjGo program:

AjGo- hacia un programa que juegue al go

Another link:

Computer Go in Microsoft

There is another research group at Beijing:

Craking Go with Feng-hsiung Hsu

My links about Computer Go

All about Go

Artificial Life

A fascinating topic. One project to study

Images at:

Other interesting project:

Darwin at home it uses Java-based Fluidiom 


I showed the video:

Que lindo el guaguau- BigDog de Boston Dynamics

More links:

GRASP Laboratory of Robotics Research and Education @ Penn
Microsoft Invisible Computing
Concious Robots
Robotics Studio at Concious Robots (con algún foro en español)
An introduction to Programming Robots with Microsoft Robotics Studio
Wimo: The Windows Mobile Robot


Nils J. Nilsson wrote many books about AI. I recommend this book as a first look to the topic:

Artificial Intelligence: a new synthesis

An online Nilsson: How Are We To Know-

One book I commented in the seminar is the classic by Russell and Norvig (great historic notes at the end of each chapter):

AI- A Modern Approach

Other one by Norvig

Paradigms of AI Programming


If you are interested in declarative programming and AI, you must read the classic by Bratko:

Prolog Programming for Artificial Intelligence

Free books online:

Free Artificial Intelligence Books (there are books of other topics, computer science, mathematics, science, etc…)

More links

In my site, I keep links about AI

AI Links
Neural Networks links
Computer Go links

This century, I began to collect more links in my Delicious:

Angel “Java” Lopez

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