First sabbatical week 2009

Past Friday I started my first sabbatical week of this year. This “extended week” should end at Monday April 6th. But the current project I’m working on was extended one more week. Usually, I don’t teach classes, nor give any speech, but this time, cause of rescheduling of other activities, I’m going to give an Scrum course and a .NET class.

So, I decided to commit to some technical goals, but to be accomplished in two weeks, before April 13rd.

The list includes:

– Write a blog post to explain the motivations and initial ideas to implements in AjProcessor.

– Minor improvements (.NET object access support), medium-size refactoring, and first published version of AjCat, and post.

– Add full support to blocks, block context, indexed variables in AjTalk, and post.

– Write and publish a post about AjPepsi.

– Initial code of a new open source project, this time in Java, and post.

Well, that’s all. I would like to put more focus in this week, but this time, I should attend other duties.

As usual, I’ll publish a closure post with the resulting outcomes.

Angel “Java” Lopez

2 thoughts on “First sabbatical week 2009

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