Presenting AjCat

Some weeks ago, I was working on an interpreter of the Cat language:

The Cat Programming Language

Cat is a functional stack-based programming language inspired by the Joy programming language. The primary differences is that Cat provides a static type system with type inferencing (like ML or Haskell), and a term rewriting macro language extension language called MetaCat.

Cat is a high-level intermediate language translation that can also be used as a stand alone language for simple application development. In this way it occupies a similar niche to PostScript. Cat is also an appropriate language for teaching of basic programming concepts.

If you are not familiar with Cat language, you can learn more at:

Cat Tutorial
Cat Specification
Cat Primitives

I published the code as part of my Code Katas Google code project. It’s named AjCat:

The solution contains three projects:

The implementation is not complete. It’s only support integers, no .NET object support yet, and no graphics primitives.

Running the console program, you can enter and evaluate expressions:

This code is dedicated to Rodolfo Finocchieti (@rodolfof in Twitter) who pointed me to Cat language, a fascinanting idea.

Tests are green:

And good code coverage

Angel “Java” Lopez

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