Exploring objects

I’m following @jarober (James A. Robertson) in Twitter, Cincom Smalltalk Product Evangelist. He post links about news and resources about Smalltalk, and Cincom Smalltalk in particular. He writes a blog:


powered by Smalltalk. If you visit his blog, there are many entries about Smalltalk. Recently, Robertson posted:

Smalltalk Daily: Exploring Objects

There is the video:

Robertson wrote:

Many times, you want to do something, know that it can be done – but just aren’t sure how to construct the code to do it. If you have an object, you can usually solve that problem by drilling into it with the inspector and looking at it. Today we learn how to programmatically change workspace page text by drilling into a workspace.

It’s refreshing to see such interaction with objects, so “Smalltalk-way” of interaction.

I should work on my Smalltalk VM (interpreter) AjTalk, to have support of visual interaction. My idea is to wire the current VM with .NET framework, WinForms. In this way, I could leverage the built-in GUI support in the framework. In these day, every language should take advantage of a class framework: .NET and Java are the obvious choice (see Clojure as a “modern” example of this strategy)

Angel “Java” Lopez

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