A 10 finger Multitouch User Interface

This a video demostration new ideas about a multitouch device from http://10gui.com/:

Over a quarter-century ago, Xerox introduced the modern graphical user interface paradigm we today take for granted.
That it has endured is a testament to the genius of its design. But the industry is now at a crossroads: New technologies promise higher-bandwidth interaction, but have yet to find a truly viable implementation.
10/GUI aims to bridge this gap by rethinking the desktop to leverage technology in an intuitive and powerful way.

More info at http://10gui.com/background/. You can follow Clayton Miller in Twitter: @claymill.

It’s interesting to see the drawing pad idea now leveraged with multitouch. This way, we could add multitouch capabilities to any monitor, hardware, instead of using a dedicated multitouch display. The problem: the fingers are out of our vision. The solution: the fingers are tracked and displayed on screen, in the same way we usually track the mouse using the onscreen arrow cursor.

The other interesting point is the “con10uum”, and the finger set interaction. I guess it’s like learning to play a musical instrument: you must practice, but with little effort, the finger gestures seem practical.

Angel “Java” Lopez

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