NHibernate running in the Azure Cloud

Yesterday, I was talking with Fabio Maulo (@fabiomaulo) about many things, related to software development, teaching programming and, of course, NHibernate. We are living in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and it was a pleasure to talk with him, as usual. Í’m following Fabio in Twitter, and I’m a suscriber of his blog. Fabio is collaborating with NHibernate project for years, and he is a recognized developer in the .NET software community.

He told me details about a site built using NHibernate, and running on SQL Azure. You can see it online (Spanish content, Mexican site):


Fabio and his team worked hard to write this site, in less of a month (I’m waiting the team posts, with more detailed info, so, I’ll write only about the public parts here).

Curiously, the site is running using WebForms, but without ViewState, and without form tags embracing the full body inner HTML. All we are waiting Maulo and his team, explaining the implementation details. The code is based on using Model View Presenter, and it was build using tests, mocks and stubs, from presentation to persistence. Hey, Fabio! Please, write about the process and architecture decisions! 🙂

More info about NHibernate and Azure:

NHibernate on the cloud: SQL Azure Ayende NHibernate test results on Azure

Quick news NHibernate with SQL Azure Fabio’s first steps “All work… even the SchemaExport.” !!

NHibernate dialect for SQL Azure Adjustments for SchemaExport

I’m collecting links about NHibernate and Azure at:


There is an excellent post serie from Brad Adams, explaining Azure, Azure SQL, NHibernate, Silverlight, RIA .NET Service, and more:

Index for Business Apps example for Silverligth 3 RTM and .NET RIA Services July Update

Related to NHibernate and Azure, in that series:

Part 20: NHibernate
Part 23: Azure

Any other project using NHibernate on the cloud?

Angel “Java” Lopez

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