The beauty of Twitter: Example 1

I’m an avid user of Twitter. Usually, I use TweetDeck as client. Twitter is a simple idea (short messages, you can follow every user with public profile) that has changed the way we are interacting. In the software development arena, Twitter is a great complement (or complete replacement) to reading feeds. This is an example of its efectiveness.

Today, all begins with a tweet from @jfroma, a software developer (he is argentinian, like me:

I didn’t read all his messages, then, I was curious about his comment: Model View View Model pattern. I know José (@jfroma) has working examples of data binding in WPF over models retrieved via NHibernate, so I followed the link and began to read @michaellperry messages. It was my first contact with Michael:

Then, I found his presentation:

Session Detail: Data binding without INotifyPropertyChanged

asking @jfroma:

Now, having more context, I discovered Michael interests in his blog (note: Michael is display Twitter status at left):

I discovered the open source library, base of Michael presentation:

I started to tweet about this library, and others take notice, like @jyinglee:


All started with a simple message. That’s the power of Twitter. There is a “serendipity with help” from interesting people you follow and that follows you.

Angel “Java” Lopez

One thought on “The beauty of Twitter: Example 1

  1. Abdul Forner

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