Python TDD Example

One of the practices I try to “sell” to anybody involved in software development, is the practice of Test-Driven Development. Once you have practice TDD, you never go back. It is a practice with so much reward and joy, I feel uneasy when I wrote real software without using it.

Thanks to a tweet by @jjfalcon, I discovered this example, in Youtube, by user objarni. He is using Ubuntu, programming in Python, and using pyTDDemon to see inmediatly the results of test.

Note the red-green-refactor cycle, the minimal code that is added in each tests (only to have green in test, including cheating in return values), refactoring the test if there are duplicated code, microdesign decisions, etc… Nice work!

I tagged more videos about TDD, in my delicious:

All about TDD

Angel “Java” Lopez

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