Refactoring AjLisp: a lisp interpreter written in C#

These days I was working on reimplementing the core of my open source AjLisp lisp interpreter. I wrote about the previous version in my 2008 post:

AjLisp: a Lisp interpreter in .NET

The work is in progress. You can download the current code from:

(there are two other implementations in that repository, work in progress: AjScheme, an Scheme-like lisp, and AjSharpure, following Clojure ideas). I should write more about these implementations. This post is the initial one in a series about this new AjLisp. It’s a short introduction to the current status of the project.

The main change in the new version: the interpreter can manage native objects and values. The alternative was to point to such objects using a wrapper, a class that implements SymbolicExpression or something similar. But I choose to point and manage direct native object and values. So, I changed the primitives and related classes to receive objects instead of IExpression. Now, there is an interface IExpression, that is defined:

    public interface IExpression
        object Evaluate(ValueEnvironment environment);

The ValueEnvironment (I’m planning to rename it to BindingEnvironment, and to derive from it an interface IBindingEnvironment) keeps nested association of names to values:

There is an interface IFunction:

    public interface IFunction
        object Apply(List arguments, ValueEnvironment environment);

that it should be implemented by any form expression (the head of a list to evaluate).

There are two main classes that represent the core types in AjLisp: identifiers and lists:

All the project was built using Test-Driven Development, so I could change the previous versions with courage: I had my battery of tests ready to help me in the refactoring process. This is the current status:

I should write about:

– ValueEnvironment implementation

– Native objects and values management

– List type and evaluation

– Identifier evaluation

– Implemented primitives

– Lexer and Parser

– Numeric operations

– Rational numbers (AjLisp can manage integral numerator/denominator pairs)

Currently, after the wisdom gained developing these projects (AjLisp, AjScheme, AjSharpure), I’m writing a minimal core AjCoreLisp, to show what are the minimal primivites we need to create a Lisp interpreter. Armed with such implementation, I would like to explore compilation alternatives (Dynamic Language Runtime is my first candidate). It could be overwhelming to me do such exploration based on a “bigger” interpreter like AjLisp. First, I’ll try to compile an interpreter with few primitives.

Keep tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez

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