AjClipper: a Clipper-like interpreter that uses .NET

You can find a Clipper-like (I wrote Remember Clipper; you’ll find more links in that post) interpreter source code at my Code Katas Google project:


It’s an interpreter, written in C#, that can create and use native .NET objects. I wrote the interpreter to:

– Practice TDD
– Create a simple tool to leverage Clipper knowledge in one of my teams, to learn more .NET concepts

I should write posts about internal implementation, access to .NET objects, manage of work areas, etc… One idea I’m exploring, is running the interpreter from an ASP.NET web page:


(There is a web app in the project containing the above test page).

My collected links about Clipper:


I should improve the access to database, and complete language command and features. Keep tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez

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