New Smalltalk Group

Smalltalk community is active, but scattered in many list, dialects and framework. Mariano Martinez Deck announced a new Smalltalk Group. This is his presentation:

We were discussing about this in the Pharo mailing list but the idea is for all Smalltalkers. I am not sure if this will work, but it is worth to try it as I don’t have anything to loose.
We were thinking to have a place, an environment and hopefully a community, where we can freely discuss about Smalltalk papers or OO in general. All smalltalkers of all flavors can join, discuss, tell their experiences and thoughts, share and learn.
The main purpose about that list is:
– be able to FREELY discuss about papers about Smalltalk or OO in general. I say freely because maybe someone gives an opinion of a paper that the person who wrote it is also in this place. We are all professional and I think we can discuss with respect.
Other uses:
– Don’t reinvent the wheel. Maybe I wanted to do something and I read that XXX person did YYY. So, I can look at it.
– Be aware of what other people is doing, working, writing and learning.
– Have different opinions of a certain topic / paper.
– A little step to join all the Smalltalk community in one place. We can meet people, join forces, etc.
– Help in the preparation, ANN, collaborate, etc in Workshops, conferences, and so on.
– Ask for help on review. Several times someone has several papers to review for a certain conference. This can be a place to ask for that help.
– Publish papers that were rejected from someone. How many times some papers where rejected but do you still read it and find it useful ?
– Educate people and being educated.
– Share latex template, commands, or tricks related to smalltalk code for example.
– Discuss about research in general.
– Ask for a certain topic. Suppose I want to start to work in XXX topic, I can ask to see if someone knows related papers or work.
– others
In two words: DISCUSS AND LEARN.
1) Which is the address?
2) Do I need to be "Researcher" to join ?
Not necessary. You may just be interested.
3) Is there a Nabble interface?
Now, please what I would appreciate is if you can help me to you distribute (I am not in Gemstone, Cincom or GNU for example) this ANN. It would be cool to create a community.  I know there are a lot of Smalltalk researchers that doesn’t have time to follow the active smalltalks lists. If you can send private mails to them would be fantastic!

There is an active Smalltalk community, here in my country, Argentina. I hope there will be a new Smalltalk meeting this year 2010, after successful ones in 2007, 2008 and 2009. And I hope a better communication and knowledge transfer with other software development communities. In my opinion, smalltalkers are too “closed” to themselves: there are so many interesting topics to share and discuss, in Smalltalk and beyond. Note the generalized used of Virtual Machines (Java, .NET) to use as the base for new languages. It would be nice to have more cross-pollinization between communities and ideas.

Angel “Java” Lopez

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