Me and my Aunt Charlotte

This is personal post. More, it will be a whining post. But it’s time to write about one “problem” I had.

I love software development. For more than thirty years, I was dedicated to software development. In this century, after met agile movement, I buy the idea of “deliverable”. For each interesting activity I do, I choose to make a deliverable. My tasks are not “Read X book”, their are more like “Read X book and write a post review". Same in software development. Every example, proof of concept, more complete library, applications, or anything else I learn or prepare for my teaching courses, in my public work, or in my spare time, it was published in some way. All that was the motivation to start my blogs years ago. Most posts are the deliverable of some activity I did. Writing down ideas, readings, sharing info and knowledge, in my opinion, are good deliverables. The evidence is here, in this blog, in my Spanish blog, and in my “non-tech” personal blog.

But sometimes, I had expected some feedback from my fellow developers: persons that I met every day, face to face, working in the same project or desks or facilities. Software developers that were my coworkers, sometimes for more than a decade. Members of my own teams. During the last two years, I did informal test about the level of awareness of my fellow devs about what I wrote: posts, source code, examples. The result was dismaying. Apparently, no one of my fellow devs read, use, comment, critic or retweet what I have published (ok, informally results, 1 in 50/60). Sometimes, somebody ask me about a topic about I wrote dozens of posts, without realizing that I wrote about that topic, producing examples, post, courses about the topic. This was the origin of one of my stereotypical phrases: “You don’t read my blog" (more info in my Spanish post Vos no lees mi blog). I have received more feedback from people around the world than in my own personal neighborhood.

And all this was the reason for another aj-phrase: “this post/code was read/downloaded only by me and my Aunt Charlotte” (imaginary aunt). Apparently, only an aunt could like or notice my work.

Maybe, I have a communication problem to work out. I just write down the "problem" in this “whining” post. Now, for a time, I will stop my expectation about feedbacks, comments, critics from my fellow devs and coworkers. I will continue to produce deliverables, sharing ideas, enjoying doing things.

Stop whining! Back to my love, software development, source code, ideas, and more.

Keep tuned, Aunt Charlotte! 😉

Angel “Java” Lopez

One thought on “Me and my Aunt Charlotte

  1. Arvindra Sehmi

    Hey Aj – I’m one of those international folks who DOES ENJOY reading your stuff. Perhaps you could syndicate your posts on other blogs, aggregators, and dev community sites.
    Keep it up!
    – Vin


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