Microsoft moving to open source

In an unexpected decision, Microsoft has decided today to take a great turn in its direction. According to an upcoming press release, the software giant will be open source its core applications, including Excel, Word, full Office, Visual Studio, Sharepoint, SaaS servers, Windows Operating Systems and an old Multiplan version.

Apparently, the move was undergoing since last century. Gates retirement two years ago was only a preparation for this great move, impulsed internally by Steve Ballmer himself. Top executives have twittered messages to top open source developers, like @migueldeicaza, @ayende and others, to add them to its staff in the next days.

But this is only the top of the iceberg. More news will be announced:

– Entity Framework development dropped, replaced by NHibernate trunk

– Linq will be donated to Oracle, to be added to Java

– Web Service stack will be erased completly, replaced by REST, Json serialization, and Javascript code.

– JQuery will be added as scripting language to Excel

– Silverlight application will be compiled to Javascript, using some Google implementaiton

– The design and development process will be directed by something like JSR (Java Specification Requests), hearing the community voices

– Bing site will redirect to Google main page, automatically

– Future income will be based on book selling, and AdSense advertising in the MSDN pages.

The formal news will be twittered today, including links to main SVN addresses, located at Google Code.

MS don’t open source Biztalk and Dynamics CRM, because lack of interest of the three (3) users in the world that are still using that software.

Angel "Java” Lopez

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