Code Generation 2010

Code Generation 2010 is comming June 16-18, Cambridge, UK:

The Code Generation conference is Europe’s leading event on Domain-Specific Languages, Model-Driven Software Development and Code Generation. The event has a strong practical focus and an emphasis on sharing experiences and knowledge. A range of sessions from beginner to expert is included.

As you know, I’m a fan of code generation based on a free model. It’s interesting to see there are many people interested in code generation, using models, DSL (Domain Specific Languages), etc. I like the “subtitle”: Raise your level of abstraction. Yes! That’s a key point: there are so many technicalities in our day-to-day work, that we are seeing lots of tree, without seeing the forest. So many libraries, APIs, configuration files to write, so many patterns to apply, that we are lost in the middle of many details. Software development is a fascinating activity. But sometimes it could be a daunting task.

I read in the page:

CG2010 is for people who want to successfully apply or just learn more about the following topics:

    * Code Generation !
    * Domain-Specific Languages
    * Model-Driven Software Development
    * Model-Driven Architecture
    * Eclipse Modelling Tools
    * Executable UML
    * Software Factories and Software Product Lines
    * Generative programming and other similar approaches.

The focus throughout the event is on practical experience of these tools and technologies with a range of sessions from beginner to expert.

Only an example of what you can expect from this conference:

Dave Thomas

KEYNOTE – The Imaginary Sickness of the Middle-Class Gentleman

"For more than forty years I have been speaking prose without knowing anything about it…”

So says M. Jourdain in Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme. But, writing 340 years ago, Molière could have been writing about me. For I too have been writing a kind of prose—Domain Specific Languages—for about 40 years. Now, like Jourdain, I find there’s a name for what I do, and I find that there are professors studying it and conferences discussing it. How exciting!

But as Molière also said, “Nearly all men die of their remedies, and not of their illnesses.” And that’s a trap we seem to be rushing towards with our new enthusiasm for DSLs. So in this talk we’ll look at DSLs, and why most of them seem to have too little D and too much L. Bring rotten fruit.

Dave Thomas is a programmer.

Nice to read “is a programmer”. As all of us.

There is a short video about last year’s conference:

It’s good to see so much activity in this topic. There is a community site for people interested at:

and you can follow @MarkDalgarno in Twitter (he is interested in Lisp, too, like me ;-).

And, as usual, keep tuned! I should post new examples and ideas using my open source project AjGenesis 😉

Angel “Java” Lopez

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