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June 11, 2010

Server and Client in Distributed AjSharp

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In my previous posts:

I wrote a brief description of what I want for distributed AjSharp (my open source interpreter), and few screenshots of running programs. Let examine and run a first concrete example.

As usual, you can launch the interactive interpreter with


You can add a list of .ajs program files to read and run inmediatly:

AjSharp.Console program1.ajs program2.ajs

The idea in this first distributed example is to launch two instances of the interpreter, and then, start a server in the first one, and start a client of that server in the second one. After connection is done, the client can execute commands in the server.

First, the server code:

server = new RemotingHostServer(10000, "Server");
PrintLine("Server started");

The built-in class RemotingHostServer starts a remoting server connection. The first parameter is the TCP port, and the second parameter the logic name of the server.

Now, the code for the client node:

remote = new RemotingHostClient("localhost", 10000, "Server");
at remote PrintLine("New Node");
nodeid = System.Guid.NewGuid().ToString();
// evaluate a subroutine at server
at remote 
		for (k=1; k<=10; k++)
			PrintLine("Hello, server, from node " + id);
	with (nodeid); // local parameter going to server

The object RemotingHostClient connects with a server. Its constructor takes three parameters: the machine name, the TCP port to use, and the logical name of the server. Using these parameters, it builds a remoting address, using a TCP channel.

Now, you have a connection with the server. The at command execute a command in a remote server. The syntax is:

at <server> <cmd>


at remote PrintLine(“New Node”);

prints a message in the server console, not in the client. The other variant:

at <server> <functionorsub> with (<parameters>);

evaluates a function or subroutine at the server, passing the parameter list, evaluated in the client environment.

I prepared a packaged example, you can download from my Skydrive:

In a console, execute


This command starts a new console, executing Server.ajs code.

To run a node


This is the typical output at the server side:

As usual, you can get the complete source from:

under trunk/AjLanguage. More distributed examples are comming: execute a local source code file at the server, do something at server when a new node is running, distributed agents, etc…

Keep tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez

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