A Robot that Plays Pool

Thanks to a tweet from @CReport, I found this video: a robot that plays pool:

It’s the creation of Willow Garage. Its motto: delivering open source robotics.

The team behind this achievement is PoolShark. They use a robot named PR2. The team work began at Monday June 7th, they train the robot to play, and the next Friday PR2 began making shots. Impressive! They use an open source library FastFiz to simulate the pool physics.

You can read more about this advance at:

The PR2 Plays Pool

I read:

The Poolshark team dealt with numerous technical challenges throughout the week: engineering a special grip and bridge so the PR2 could hold the cue, a ball detector, table localization, visualizations and input tools, shot selector, and more

It’s interesting to put a robot in a real world challenge. Using that approach, we should solve problems like: diffuse input, lack of accuracy, real-time response calculation, light problems, etc…

There is another video, from 2009, about the results of intern work on PR2:

More info at:

Intern PR2 Challenge 2009

Note that one of the Advisory Board was Larry Page, from Google. There is a description of PR2 Beta Program

The training of the robot looks promising. Great job!

More videos at: http://www.youtube.com/user/WillowGaragevideo. Info about Willow Garage robots: http://www.willowgarage.com/pages/robots

Angel “Java” Lopez

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