Building an Application Using AjGenesis (Part 5)

I just published a new step in this post series. The code can be downloaded from AppExampleStep05. The example:

At root folder, the example have the same three commands, as in the previous post.


The model is the same. But I wrote new Tasks/GenerateCSharp.ajg, Tasks/GenerateVbNet.ajg. Now, you can generate a .NET solution and project. This is the GenerateCSharp.ajg:

IncludeCode "Utilities/Utilities.ajg"
IncludeCode "Utilities/DotNetUtilities.ajg"
' Create Build Directories
Project.Solution = CreateObject()
Project.Solution.Guid = "FAE04EC0-301F-11D3-BF4B-00C04F79EFBC"
Project.Solution.WebGuid = "E24C65DC-7377-472B-9ABA-BC803B73C61A"
Project.Solution.Projects = CreateList()
PrjEntities = CreateObject()
PrjEntities.Name = "${Project.Name}.Entities"
PrjEntities.Directory = "${Project.BuildDirectory}/${Project.Name}.Entities"
PrjEntities.Includes = CreateList()
PrjEntities.Projects = CreateList()
PrjEntities.Libraries = CreateList()
PrjEntities.Guid = CreateGuid()
PrjEntities.COMGuid = CreateGuid()
for each Entity in Project.Model.Entities
  TransformerManager.Transform("Templates/CSharp/EntityClass.tpl", "${Project.BuildDirectory}/${Project.Name}.Entities/${Entity.Name}.cs", Environment)
end for
for each CsProject in Project.Solution.Projects
  TransformerManager.Transform("Templates/CSharp/CsProject.tpl", "${CsProject.Directory}/${CsProject.Name}.csproj", Environment)
  TransformerManager.Transform("Templates/CSharp/AssemblyInfoCs.tpl", "${CsProject.Directory}/Properties/AssemblyInfo.cs", Environment)
end for
TransformerManager.Transform("Templates/CSharp/Solution.tpl", "${Project.BuildDirectory}/${Project.Name}.sln", Environment)

Lot of new things! But the point is: now, I generate a solution file, and a project file. There are new files with utilities, and new templates. Note the creation of Project.Solution dynamic object, and PrjEntities.

The solution generated in C#:

A solution and project is generate for Vb.NET, too:

Next steps: don’t generate again files that not changed since last time;’ able to have manual code in projects and keep them; new projects (persistence, web interface, …)

Keep tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez

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