Writing an Interpreter in .NET (Part 8)

Back to this project! Writing an interpreter, using C# and TDD. In this step, I added a new ICommand, the WhileCommand:

You can download the current version from InterpreterStep08.zip. If you want to see all the steps, I commit the code in under trunk/Interpreter in my AjCodeKatas Google code project.

The code for WhileCommand is simple:

    public class WhileCommand : ICommand
        private IExpression condition;
        private ICommand command;
        public WhileCommand(IExpression condition, ICommand command)
            this.condition = condition;
            this.command = command;
        public IExpression Condition { get { return this.condition; } }
        public ICommand Command { get { return this.command; } }
        public void Execute(BindingEnvironment environment)
            while (BooleanPredicates.IsTrue(this.condition.Evaluate(environment)))

Note that I added a BooleanPredicates class. It was born as a refactor of previous code I used in IfCommand implementation. I wrote in the previous post about my intentions of such refactoring. Using TDD, I have tests of the new class, an example:

        public void IsFalse()
            Assert.IsFalse(BooleanPredicates.IsFalse(new object()));

The test is, then, a kind of specification: what is false for my interpreter?

I tested the new command in isolation:

        public void EvaluateWhileCommandUsingDecrement()
            BindingEnvironment environment = new BindingEnvironment();
            environment.SetValue("a", 2);
            IExpression condition = new VariableExpression("a");
            ICommand command = new SetCommand("a", new BinaryArithmeticExpression(new VariableExpression("a"), new ConstantExpression(1), ArithmeticOperator.Subtract));
            WhileCommand wcommand = new WhileCommand(condition, command);
            Assert.AreEqual(command, wcommand.Command);
            Assert.AreEqual(condition, wcommand.Condition);
            Assert.AreEqual(0, environment.GetValue("a"));

Then, I added support for the process of the command in the Parser:

        private ICommand ParseWhileCommand()
            IExpression condition;
            ICommand cmd;
            this.ParseToken(TokenType.Separator, "(");
            condition = this.ParseExpression();
            this.ParseToken(TokenType.Separator, ")");
            cmd = this.ParseCommand();
            return new WhileCommand(condition, cmd);

Obviously, with tests 😉 :

        public void ParseAndEvaluateSimpleWhileCommand()
            Parser parser = new Parser("while (a) a = a-1;");
            ICommand command = parser.ParseCommand();
            Assert.IsInstanceOfType(command, typeof(WhileCommand));
            BindingEnvironment environment = new BindingEnvironment();
            environment.SetValue("a", 2);
            Assert.AreEqual(0, environment.GetValue("a"));

I could add more tests, but now, the new command is in good health. All tests still in green:

Good code coverage:

Next steps: composite commands, for/foreach commands, function declaration…

Keep tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez



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