First Sabbatical Week 2011

Today, Friday April 8th, I started my first sabbatical week of 2011 (to end at Monday April 18th, inclusive). Since 2009 I didn’t take a week to my own projects, study and developments. This “long week” will end at Monday April 18th (inclusive). I just wrote a blob post (in Spanish) declaring my non-technical commitments (lot of study) listing my deliverables (blog posts).

Now, it’s time to declare my planned technical activities. Well, this is the list of my deliverables (it’s easier to describe the outcomes than the process, steps, readings, design, etc..):

– Write two post and code about using NHibernate 3.x
– Write a post about my work with AjScript (Javascript-like interpreter in C#)
– Write two posts and code of my Writing an Application using TDD series
– Write two posts and code using AjGenesis in Language Workbench Competition
– Write a post about AjLisp (first of a series)
– Write a post about implementing an Smalltalk-like virtual machine, using AjTalk as case (first of a series)

As usual, I will publish a daily post (technical or not technical). But not all the above posts will be published during the sabbatical week. I will post in a daily basis, some of them in these days, others will be published after the end of this week.

Keep tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez

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