Links, News and Resources: Windows Azure (1)

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Some links I found interesting about Azure:

Inside Windows Azure, the Cloud Operating System with Mark Russinovich

Introducing System.Web.Providers – ASP.NET Universal Providers for Session, Membership, Roles and User Profile on SQL Compact and SQL Azure – Scott Hanselman

Is Apple iCloud Powered by Microsoft Windows Azure?

Remote Desktop in Windows Azure–what’s it doing?

Node.js, Ruby, and Python in Windows Azure: A Look at What’s Possible

Node.js, CoffeeScript, and the Windows Azure Service Management API — Gist

Windows Azure Q&A with Roger Jennings — Visual Studio Magazine

Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows Phone 7

Azure VM Assistant (AzureVMAssist) : Windows Azure VM Information, Investigation and Diagnostics Utility

Edit and Apply New WIF’s Config Settings in Your Windows Azure WebRole… Without Redeploying!

Getting started with SQL Azure Development

Windows Azure | Pricing Estimator | Cost Calculator | Pricing Calculator

How to Deploy a Hadoop Cluster on Windows Azure

Scalable and Simple CQRS Views in the Cloud – Blog – CQRS and Cloud Computing

Patterns: Windows Azure – Upgrading your table storage schema without disrupting your service

My Azure Links:

Keep tuned! More links coming soon 😉

Angel “Java” Azure

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