REST: Links, News and resources (1)

Recently, I posted links with tutorials, examples, resources about Javascript and HTML5:

Javascript: Links, News and Resources (1)
HTML5: Links, News and Resources (1)

Now, a third important leg: REST at server. My recent links:

InfoQ: RESTful SOA or Domain-Driven Design – A Compromise?

REST en Te lo dije (Spanish blog)

Literate Programming – Nobody Understands REST or HTTP

REST using the WCF Web API – Basics (Part2)

Getting started with the WCF Web API – The Problem Solver

Using the WCF Web API in an ASP.NET MVC application – The Problem Solver

Windows Azure Storage : REST API (part 2) – Storage Client APIs – Microsoft Certification Examples, exercises, practises, tutorials, solutions about Windows

REST Services y WCF’s Web Api – ALT.NET Hispano Wiki

RestBucks on .Net; paying the order – LessonsLearnedFromFailureOfSOAP

RestBucks on .Net: Ordering Coffee

REST in Practice

Introducing RestBucks on .Net

Distributed computing fallacies and REST | Jimmy Bogard’s Blog

Writing REST services

Learn REST: A Tutorial

InfoQ: How to GET a Cup of Coffee

REST services with MVC « G# blog

Microsoft remakes WCF for REST and the web « Tim Anderson’s ITWriting

mvcConf 2 – Glenn Block: Take some REST with WCF | mvcConf | Channel 9

As usual, my links at delicious:

Keep tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez

2 thoughts on “REST: Links, News and resources (1)

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