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July 23, 2011

Game Development: Links, News, Resources (1)

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Recently, I posted about social games programming:

Social Online Games Programming (Part 1) Introduction
Social Online Games Programming (Part 2) Tankster and Windows Azure Toolkit For Social Games

I’m a link collector (a curator?). These are my recent game development related resources discoveries:

Windows Azure Toolkit for Social Games

Tankster, a Social Game Built for Windows Azure | Social Gaming on Windows Azure | Channel 9

Social Gaming on Windows Azure | Channel 9

Build Your next Game with the Windows Azure Toolkit for Social Games

Microsoft delivers early build of Windows Azure toolkit for social-game developers | ZDNet

Zynga, the Latest Cloud Computing Success | – Cloud Computing Community

YouTube – ‪T-Mobile Angry Birds Live – Behind The Scenes

YouTube – ‪T-Mobile Angry Birds Live

Gamasutra – News – Hawkins: ‘The Browser Is The Platform Of The Future’

HTML5 canvas awesomeness – games roundup – Red Team Design

La industria IT y de videojuegos porteños viajan a San Francisco buscando negocios

Games are an Abstraction of Concepts and Reality | Kapp Notes

Which game engine is compatiable with Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate and Silverlight? – Game Development – Stack Exchange

tools – How can I develop Flash games without expensive software? – Game Development – Stack Exchange

isometric – ActionScript 3 framework / engine for building social game like FarmVille – Stack Overflow

Implementing a timer thread Silverlight Tools and Features

Hello World – FlashDevelop (Flixel) – Flash Game Dojo

PushButton Engine – Modular Flash Game Development

haXe – Welcome to haXe !


11 Flash isometric engines you can use in your games

List of game engines – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

3d – isometric perspective in silverlight – Stack Overflow

2d – Drawing Isometric game worlds – Stack Overflow

GameSalad – Game creation for everyone ™ – GameSalad Arcade

WAR! Zynga Sues The Hell Out Of Brazilian Clone Vostu

Worms Reloaded |

How to make Angry Birds – part 1 | Paul’s blog@Wildbunny

How to make Angry Birds – part 2 | Paul’s blog@Wildbunny

Un juego online infantil con 50 millones de usuarios | TICbeat

Imagine Cup 2011 Game Design Competitor Showcase Part 4

RPG JS: Your online RPG on your browser

Start Coding For Windows Phone and XBox Live Indie Games

Lessons From FarmVille: How Zynga Uses The Cloud — InformationWeek

High Scalability – High Scalability – Zynga’s Z Cloud – Scale Fast or Fail Fast by Merging Private and Public Clouds

RedUSERS | Los videojuegos: un mercado en crecimiento para jóvenes desarrolladores

Augmented Reality RPG « I am Zef

MetaEdit+ Forum: Can I generate 2D games for iPhone from models?

Sid Meier’s Civilization Migrates To Facebook This Summer, Starts Going By Civ World

Creating 2D Games with JavaScript & HTML5 – The official Google Code blog

The second official clj3D screencast is out! « Web life between Python and lambda calculus

A look inside Origin’s amazing custom gaming PC factory

jMonkeyEngine 3.0 | Java OpenGL Game Engine

Joyride Laboratories

Tron clone in Clojure – tzachlivyatan

Playdom Social Games – Play Deep Realms

gameandgraphics: Development docs for the…

The Real Art of Video Games

Bliip Studio

Hello | resatori

Clojure Entity Component System | resatori

Slick – 2D Game Library based on LWJGL

Ruby For Kids – Teach Children Programming By Creating Games

Box2D – Home

My Links

More Social Games Programming series is coming. I should write about game development in Argentina, too.

Keep tuned!

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