Mock Objecs: Links, News and Resources (1)

If you are writing code using TDD, maybe you need to mock (or stub) objects. These links are about the history, development, use, advantages and drawbacks of using mock objects in our tests.

In object-oriented programming, mock objects are simulated objects that mimic the behavior of real objects in controlled ways. A computer programmer typically creates a mock object to test the behavior of some other object, in much the same way that a car designer uses a crash test dummy to simulate the dynamic behavior of a human in vehicle impacts.

Mock Objects: A Brief History of Mock Objects

Endo-Testing: Unit Testing with Mock Objects

TDD – Understanding Mock Objects – Videos – Roy Osherove

Classic TDD or "London School"? – Software People Inspiring

Pex, Moles y Code Contract – ALT.NET Hispano Wiki

Quick introduction to Pex – Gunnar Peipman’s ASP.NET blog

Daniel Cazzulino’s Blog : Mocks, Stubs and Fakes: it’s a continuum

moq – Google Code

Mock Framework comparison

WCFMock, a mocking framework for WCF services – Pablo M. Cibraro (aka Cibrax)

Mock Objects

Mock Roles, Not Objects

Daniel Cazzulino’s Blog : Where was the stubbing part in Moq?

Gojko Adzic » Mockito in six easy examples

Mocks versus stubs and fakes

HowTo: Mock a Linq-based Dao

mockito – Google Code

Growing instant legacy code with TDD and Mocks « The IT Risk Manager

Sobre fake objects, stubs y mocks – How I Met Dot Net

Mock Objects: Test Smell: Too many expectations

To mock or not to mock, that is the question – Part 1

peripatetic axiom: TDD, Mocks and Design

JavaScript – A simple JavaScript stubbing function – Matthew Manela – Farblondzshet in Code

Interaction-based testing and stable expectations – Vagif Abilov’s blog on .NET

How to Start Unit Testing .NET Projects: A Guide to Writing Unit Tests

pyDoubles Framework | Test doubles framework for the Python platform

andybeeching/qmock – GitHub
QMock is a standalone, lightweight mocking framework that facilitates the testing of JavaScript programs

Moles and Linq to SQL: Mocking Linq to SQL Behavior

Mock a database repository using Moq

Primeros pasos con Moq – devnettips

Primeros pasos con Moq ( parte II ) – devnettips

Web Dev .NET: Mocking jQuery Ajax Calls with Random Templated Data

Free mocking framework | Telerik

InfoQ: Brian Marick on Test Maintenance

NSubstitute: A friendly substitute for .NET mocking libraries

Mocking Comparison – Part 1: The Basics : Richard Banks – Agile and .NET

Cómo afectan los Mock frameworks nuestras pruebas unitarias – Lucas Ontivero

fakeiteasy – Project Hosting on Google Code

Mocking Clojure Functions with Atticus

Endo-Testing: Unit Testing with Mock Objects

WCF: Mocking the WebOperationContext

Unit Testing: Mock Objects to the Rescue! Test Your .NET Code with NMock

Legend Fakes – Fake it easy! – Home

Where mocking fails

Inversion of Control Freak: DDD: Entity Injection and Mocking Time

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