Erlang: Links, News and Resources (1)

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Recently I published a post about Haskell. Now, it’s time to visit Erlang programming languages. My links and discoveries:

Erlang is a general-purpose concurrent, garbage-collected programming language and runtime system. The sequential subset of Erlang is a functional language, with strict evaluation, single assignment, and dynamic typing. For concurrency it follows the Actor model. It was designed by Ericsson to support distributed, fault-tolerant, soft-real-time, non-stop applications. It supports hot swapping, so that code can be changed without stopping a system.[1]

While threads are considered a complicated and error-prone topic in most languages, Erlang provides language-level features for creating and managing processes with the aim of simplifying concurrent programming. Though all concurrency is explicit in Erlang, processes communicate using message passing instead of shared variables, which removes the need for locks.

The first version was developed by Joe Armstrong in 1986.[2] It was originally a proprietary language within Ericsson, but was released as open source in 1998.

Erlang Programming Language

YouTube – Erlang: The Movie

Invited Tutorial Erlang

Brief History of Erlang

Notes on A History of Erlang

HOPL-III: A History of Erlang

A history of Erlang

CiteSeerX — Use of Prolog for developing a new programming language
This paper describes how Prolog was used for the development of a new concurrent realtime symbolic programming language called Erlang.

Welcome to Erjang! – GitHub
Erjang is a virtual machine for Erlang, which runs on Java(tm).

InfoQ: Beam.js: Erlang Meets JavaScript

Erlang User Group Argentina

LangDay – ErlangAr

InfoQ: Testing for the Unexpected

InfoQ: Ville Tuulos on Big Data and Map/Reduce in Erlang and Python with Disco

Functional Languages will Rule (but not this year) – Good Stuff

InfoQ: Francesco Cesarini and Simon Thompson on Erlang

Table of Contents | Learn You Some Erlang for Great Good!

The Next Drupal? Zotonic: A Modern CMS Written in Erlang

Computer Language Design: What’s List Comprehension and Why is It Harmful?

Node.js vs Erlang: SyncPad’s Experience

Hacker News | They’re so different and yet so similar it’s probably best taking them one topic…

9 Programming Languages To Watch In 2011 | Regular Geek

InfoQ: Scala, Erlang, F# Creators Discuss Functional Languages

InfoQ: Computation Abstraction: Going Beyond Programming Language Glue

Write A Template Compiler For Erlang

Erlang | September 2010 | Communications of the ACM

Ebot | Matteo Redaelli
Erlang Bot (Ebot) is an opensource web crawler written on top of Erlang,

The Lisp Before the End of My Lifetime
Networked & Concurrent Programming: Leaders in this area: Erlang

InfoQ: Steve Vinoski on Erlang and Rest

Try Erlang

String Calculator – Erlang » Software Craftsmanship – Katas

InfoQ: Kresten Krab Thorup on Erjang, JVM Languages, Kilim

Avoiding Erlang deadlocks – Embrace change

InfoQ: Horizontal Scalability via Transient, Shardable, and Share-Nothing Resources

Tidier: A refactoring tool for Erlang

The Pragmatic Bookshelf | Seven Languages in Seven Weeks

Parsing SPARQL in Erlang with a monadic combinatory parser

Lisp Flavored Erlang

InfoQ: RPC and its Offspring: Convenient, Yet Fundamentally Flawed

10 programming languages worth checking out – H3RALD

The Pragmatic Bookshelf | What’s all this fuss about Erlang?

Jim McBeath: Actor Exceptions

InfoQ: John Hughes Contrasts Erlang and Haskell

InfoQ: Systems that Never Stop (and Erlang)

The “Anti-For” Campaign – Matthew Podwysocki – CodeBetter.Com – Stuff you need to Code Better!

Luke Galea on Ruby and Erlang

Functional programming in the Java language

Contrasting Performance : Languages, styles and VMs – Java, Scala, Python, Erlang, Clojure, Ruby, Groovy, Javascript

State You are doing wrong

Erlang vs. Scala – PlanetErlang

Minimal Erlang SMTP, POP3 server code « LShift Ltd.

PubSub is taking off – ProcessOne

Humanist → Scalable Web Apps: Erlang + Python

InfoQ: CouchDB From 10,000 Feet

Erlang Factory London 2009

InfoQ: Domain Specific Languages in Erlang

Tic-tac-toe in Erlang — smart game space

The State of Axum
How new C# features were influenced by Erlang
“I see axum as erlang done right and for the CLR, coouldnt be better!”

My links:

More links about functional programming are coming.

Keep tuned!

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