Lambda Calculus: Links, News and Resources (1)

"Everything is a lambda in the end" ajlopez (past century)

In mathematical logic and computer science, lambda calculus, also written as λ-calculus, is a formal system for function definition, function application and recursion. The portion of lambda calculus relevant to computation is now called the untyped lambda calculus. In both typed and untyped versions, ideas from lambda calculus have found application in the fields of logic, recursion theory (computability), and linguistics, and have played an important role in the development of the theory of programming languages (with untyped lambda calculus being the original inspiration for functional programming, in particular Lisp, and typed lambda calculi serving as the foundation for modern type systems).

Closures + Lambda = The key to OOP in Lisp « Learning Lisp

Papers | Lambda the Ultimate

Notas sobre el Cálculo Lambda

Presenting AjLambda, lambda calculus in C#

Funarg problem

The lambda calculus

Fixed point combinator

Introducction to Lambda Calculus

Introduction to Lambda Calculus

Lambda Calculus

A Tutorial Introduction to the Lambda Calculus

Knights of the Lambda Calculus

A Hacker’s Introduction to Partial Evaluation | The Lambda meme – all things Lisp, and more

To Dissect a Mockingbird: A Graphical Notation for the Lambda Calculus with Animated Reduction

λProlog Home Page

Church’s Type Theory

Lambda Calculus Schemata

Lambda Animator : animated reduction of the lambda calculus

Peter Selinger: Papers

Mike Taulty’s Blog : Anonymous Methods, Lambdas, Confusion

Lecture Notes on the Lambda Calculus (pdf)

A Security Kernel Based on the Lambda-Calculus

System F: Second-order lambda calculus

(Mis)using C# 4.0 Dynamic – Type-Free Lambda Calculus, Church Numerals, and more

Type-Free Lambda Calculus in C#, Pre-4.0 – Defining the Lambda Language Runtime (LLR)

Jim McBeath: Practical Church Numerals in Scala

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