Closures: Links, News and Resources (1)

Continuing with the study of functional programming, these are my recent links about closures:

In computer science, a closure (also lexical closure, function closure or function value) is a function together with a referencing environment for the nonlocal names (free variables) of that function.[1] Such a function is said to be "closed over" its free variables. The referencing environment binds the nonlocal names to the corresponding variables in scope at the time the closure is created, additionally extending their lifetime to at least as long as the lifetime of the closure itself.

The concept of closures was developed in the 1960s and was first fully implemented as a language feature in 1975 in the programming language Scheme to implement lexically-scoped first-class functions. Since then, many languages have been designed to support closures.

Closures – A Simple Explanation (Using Ruby)

Javascript Closures

Cerraduras: clojure en español: Qué es una closure

Yes! AjSharp has closures

AjLisp, too! 😉

InfoQ: Lambdas in Java: An In-Depth Analysis

Closures – lambdaj – How lambdaj 2.0 brings (almost) real closures to Java

Closures, Javascript And The Arrow Of Time

Scala function objects from a Java perspective

Javascript Closures

newLISP – Closures

Tailcall anyone ? |

Groovy Goodness: Splitting with Closures – Messages from mrhaki

Adequately Good – JavaScript Module Pattern: In-Depth – by Ben Cherry

Private Members in JavaScript

Tennent’s Correspondence Principle and Returning From a Closure

Code rant: C# Closure Constructors

Groovy vs. Scala – We Need a Closure… « GridGain – Cloud Development Platform

Techniques, Strategies and Patterns for Structuring JavaScript Code – Dan Wahlin’s WebLog

InfoQ: Mark Reinhold on Closures for Java
I should review the current state

Closures as a Response to Multi-core Processors? |

Closures are back again!

Explaining JavaScript scope and closures – Robert’s talk

C# in Depth: The Beauty of Closures

Functional programming in the Java language

Inheritance Patterns in JavaScript

RE: What’s so cool about Scheme?

InfoQ: Language Parity: Closures and the JVM

JavaScript, time to grok closures – Sergio Pereira

Practically Groovy: Functional programming with curried closures

Closures + Lambda = The key to OOP in Lisp « Learning Lisp

Did it with .NET – What’s In A Closure?,guid,235646ae-3476-4893-899d-105e4d48c25b.aspx

Did it with .NET – Fibonacci Numbers, Caching and Closures

Closures and Continuations

My Links

Keep tuned, more to come!

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