REST: Links, News and resources (2)

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More links since my previous post about REST:

Clarifying REST

InfoQ: Getting Things Done with REST

InfoQ: Building Systems with REST

InfoQ: Is REST the future for SOA?

How I Became a REST “Convert” | ZapThink

InfoQ: The Diary of a REST “Convert”

RestBucks On .NET
This is an open source self-documented example application of a level-3 REST api based on the excelent example of Rest in Practice.

mca blog [my WCF Web API immersion]

Tweaking WCF to build highly scalable async REST API – CodeProject

Tweaking WCF to build highly scalable async REST API

Thoughts around REST, DDD, and CQRS: Models, Queries, and Commands – The Design of Distributed Applications | Google Groups

WCF Web API is Pure Simplicity with NuGet

Using MVC as a REST Service that is Accessed by jQuery …

jdegoes/blueeyes – GitHub
A lightweight Web 3.0 framework for Scala, featuring a purely asynchronous architecture, extremely high-performance, massive scalability, high usability, and a functional, composable design.

A node.js library for accessing the Windows Azure REST API’s

Groovy++ in action: Gretty/GridGain/REST/Websockets | Groovy Zone

Prudence: Scalable REST/JVM Web Development Platform – Three Crickets

Hoop – Hadoop HDFS over HTTP | Apache Hadoop for the Enterprise | Clouder

InfoQ: RESTful SOA or Domain-Driven Design – A Compromise?

REST « Te lo dije …

My Links
(yesterday, @delicious have screwed up the service, no pagination)

Angel “GetSomeRest” Lopez

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