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The new Delicious is Undelicious

I’m a big fan of simple tools. When the advent of Web 2.0, we have the power of share information, knowledge, opinions, resources, etc.. This is a wonderful time: lot of people can communicate their ideas and feelings using Internet tools.

And I’m a big fan of Delicious. Evidence: my links posts, and my Spanish post about Delicious:

Mi Delicious
Delicious es adictivo

and my delicious account at:


I’m using the system since 2006, replacing my personal web site for links tagging.

But three days ago, I get up early in the morning, and the classic Delicious was gone. I know they have new owners, but I didn’t expect a change to a screwed up beta version. It was interesting the new features (stacks), BUT THERE IS a simple, powerful, essential feature that IS MISSING. For example, if you try:


you get:

Ok, nice avatar. But.. see bottom of the page:

Hmmm.. last link is from 26 sep? I have more links. And, yes, there are in Delicious. They are not lost. BUT NO PAGINATION LINKS TO GET THE SECOND PAGE. And no, if you try manually the old style:


Or the “new style”:


No luck: the same page is retrieved.

It’s annoying. There are users with thousands of links curated by tags, a treasure for the new owners, but they can’t use, review, consume, share them! It’s like Gmail were changed to show only the last 20 email of every email list. Useless, and stupid. Note that you can navigate in your user:


Yes, I have > 3000 links tagged. I have pagination:

These are the last pages:

Dear @delicious: are you thinking that I should navigate all my pages to retrieve my links about Node.js, Javascript, Science+Philosophy, and more? Thanks, you are really good helping me.

The new site has navigation for its tags. See:


there are pagination links at bottom:

You can think: Ok, they are working on restoring the pagination by user/tag. There is no explicit mention at the beta blog:


There are fixing a lot of functionality, but apparently, no support for pagination. Hey @delicious! Your system is not a feed for news!

I’m not the only annoyed user. See:




I had a fairly bad experience with the new Delicious today. Just last week I had spent a few hours curating my saved bookmarks and organizing tags. The new Delicious doesn’t seem to know anything about it. All my effort is lost.

  • AVOS didn’t understand how people were using the website

The changes don’t appear to have a major impact on casual users, but how many casual, active users of Delicious were there? The visual chrome is a welcome addition for a site that’s trying to go more mainstream, but it comes at the expense of information: elements now obscured or made invisible include the tagging system (which has always been one of the site’s core strengths) and the network (the basic unit of social currency on the site). Without these, Delicious is of little use to many of the people who had stuck by it over the years.

  • AVOS didn’t get how people were using the API

Delicious had a lot of web developers and technologists as users. Many of them used the site’s APIs to pull data in and out, particularly to publish elsewhere — on blogs, news websites. Today, those things are pretty much broken — and, more to the point, there were no signals given beforehand. Nothing has been redirected or pushed elsewhere; no parallel systems seem to have been put in place to give anyone that was hooked up to the API the time — and warning — to change what they were doing. It just broke.

  • AVOS didn’t understand they were playing with a live product

This is probably the crucial element. In the web industry, we are all very used to developing sites in beta, testing things out, seeing the data that comes out. That’s the development process. Except Delicious wasn’t a new product; it was an existing one with a small but committed following. Those users who loved Delicious really loved it: they’d stuck around through years when the product was given minimal development or resources. They’ve been rewarded with deleted accounts and other problems, which has made them pretty angry.


Please, Delicious, give me a break!

I hope they are restoring the pagination. But an explicit commitment would be appreciated.

Angel “Java” Lopez