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October 3, 2011

Software Architecture: Links, News and Resources

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Software Architecture is a broad topic. These are some of the links I collected about SA:

InfoQ: Stop the Software Architecture Erosion

Architecture of Tankster – Introduction to Game Play (Part 1) | Nathan Totten

How I Became a REST “Convert” | ZapThink

InfoQ: Database-based High Performance Message Exchange Service for Enterprise Applications

The top 9+7 things every programmer or architect should now – Java Code Geeks

InfoQ: New Books on Software Architecture

Review: Microsoft N Layer App Sample, Part IV-IoC FTW – Ayende @ Rahien

InfoQ: Where Did My Architecture Go?

InfoQ: Pragmatic Software Architecture and the Role of the Architect

Abstraction Oriented Architecture – Home

InfoQ: Large-Scale Agile Design & Architecture: Ways of Working

InfoQ: Making Apps That Don’t Suck

The Architecture of Open Source Applications

Herding Cats: Want To Do Architecture Right

InfoQ: Actor Thinking

Sharp Architecture Development Blog | Making SharpArch 2.0: Introduction

Episode 166: Living Architectures with John Wiegand | Software Engineering Radio

The wages of sin: Over architecture in the real world

Systems We Make

Reference Models, Reference Architectures, and Reference Implementations – J.D. Meier’s Blog

Coding the Architecture Architecture – Pay to Play to Keep a System Small

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