Asynchronous Programming: Links, News and Resources (1)

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I’m researching about asynchronous programming (NodeJs, other servers and patters, the new async in C# 5, etc…). Some links to visit:

Reactor pattern – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Heroku | The New Heroku (Part 2 of 4): Node.js & New HTTP Capabilities

Using Threads to Build Asynchronous Handlers in Server Web Code

C# 5 – await and async in ASP.NET « I Came, I Learned, I Blogged

Await Keyword in C# 5 for Async Programming

C# 5 Async Support – Await Keyword

Coroutines with C# 5’s await — Logos Bible Software Code Blog

C# 5 Async, Part 1: Simplifying Asynchrony – That for which we await : Reed Copsey, Jr.

Using an Asynchronous Controller in ASP.NET MVC


SteveSanderson/ASP.NET-MVC-async-demos – GitHub

InfoQ: Rx: Curing Your Asynchronous Programming Blues

JavaScript: Unit testing asynchronous functions : Algorithms for the masses – julian m bucknall

Talk: The [Async] Future of VB and C#

Dynamic parallel async requests in MVC « Monty’s Gush

Proceso asincrónico en mvc con jquery

High Scalability – High Scalability – Is Node.js Becoming a Part of the Stack? SimpleGeo Says Yes.s

InfoQ: No Callbacks Required: StratifiedJS Returns Sequential Programming to Javascript

My thesis – building blocks of a scalable webcrawler

Back to (Parallel) Basics: Don’t Block Your Threads, Make Async I/O Work For You

My links:

More async links are coming!

Keep “async” tuned! 🙂

Angel “Java” Lopez

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