Metro Applications: Links, News And Resources (1)

These past weeks, I was programming Metro apps, using Javascript/HTML5. Some links I found useful:

Windows Library for JavaScript reference

Getting started with Windows Metro style app development

Building your first Windows Metro style app using JavaScript

Windows 8 Developer Preview Metro style app samples
Sample Pack with all the samples

Search app extension sample

Dynamic CSS Regions Sample

Navigation with Fragments sample

Dynamic CSS Region Templates sample


Navigation sample

ListView interaction model sample

Form Controls – Part 2

Adaptive layout with CSS sample

Custom data sources example

WinJS.UI.ListViewItems objec

Form controls part 2: validation

Getting started with the ListView sample

App Bar Sample

Groove Drum Sequencer – HTML/JS and WinRT C++

Demonstrates the use of the WinJS Promise object. Promises are a simple way to do asynchronous programming in JavaScript. They allow developers to perform operations on a value (or a set of values) that may only be available in the future, handle possible errors, and provide progress notification.

Developing basic Metro style apps (JavaScript)

Ten Tips When Writing a Hybrid Language Metro style Application

8 traits of great Metro style apps

Building your first Windows Metro style app using C#, C++, or Visual Basic

Tutorial: How to disable Metro UI on Windows 8

How to Pick Your Platform: Silverlight, Metro, or HTML5

A few facts about Microsoft’s new Windows Runtime

OK, so I think HTML/JS for Metro apps is a good idea

Microsoft to developers: Metro is your future

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